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Burn is the third and final novel in the YA post-apocalyptic Pure trilogy by Julianna Baggott.

Being that this is an ambitious, complex, rewarding trilogy – if you haven’t read Pure and Fuse already, you definitely need to! This review will hold inadvertent spoilers of those first two books, so you’ll want to avoid this review and click on the above titles to learn more about the prior novels first.

Got it?!

But if you have already read Pure and Fuse, then you can obviously continue!

Partridge has inherited leadership over the Dome – an enclosed refuge among the ruins of what once was our world – after the death of his father.

The inhabitants, soaking in their denial that has become ingrained over the years, wish to mourn him.

But Partridge wants to expose his secrets, instead. He wants to unite the Dome and its “Pure” inhabitants with the disfigured, fused “Wretches” on the outside.

The ones that had been left to die all those years ago.

His new position of power, however, is not as powerful as he thought. And his resolve is dangerous…

Outside of the Dome, Pressia, Bradwell, El Capitan and his fused brother Helmud face a journey that is treacherous and conflicting.

On the one hand, they may hold the solution to healing the Wretches with the help of the technology and knowledge inside the Dome.

On the other hand, they may have an option to bring down the Dome and force the Pure to breathe the same air of toxins and dirt that the Wretches have had to live through – and hold the citizens accountable for their crimes.

One way or another – everything is going to change…

Since I read Pure, I’ve been a fan. Julianna Baggott truly has created one of the most transfixing, sprawling post-apocalyptic worlds I’ve ever read. It’s done on such an epic, vast scale – and very well done at that.

The plot moves at a fast yet purposeful pace in Burn. Inside the Dome, as Partridge takes his first steps towards making the Dome face the truth, the rise in suicides is disquieting.

Burn is suspenseful with ever creepy post-apocalyptic creatures and difficult moral decisions. There’s a level of humanity, both flaws and hopes, which brings a relativity and down to earth vibe to the horrors.

As it continued, I could not imagine how everything could be wrapped up in such a short span of pages! It’s crazy nerve-wracking, with twists and turns left and right!

With big revelations, sometimes on an intimate, quiet level, Burn fulfills its promise to be a stunning conclusion.

When I closed Burn, I wanted more. More details, more surety.

Yet with the ambiguity comes a beauty.

I look forward to reading the trilogy again in the future and re-savoring the “WOW” that it is.

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