Friday, March 14, 2014

Henry's Stories: Volume 2

Henry’s Stories: Volume 2 is a YA anthology of sci-fi short stories by Henry Melton.

Here we have 13 stories from the imagination of Henry Melton.

One story speculates what a casual teenage couple might do if suddenly faced with realization of nuclear catastrophe. Another with the age old idea of three wishes, and how we all feel we’d do a better job. Still yet another that focuses on an alien planet, or an alternate reality.

In other words, all kinds of sci-fi.

Henry Melton’s intelligent, mature offerings make for insight into various different ideas and forays into imagination.

Some of them I found quite compelling, others not so much. That’s what often happens with anthologies. Also I can have a hard time because I don’t find as much interest in the deeply technical stories, which he sometimes provides.

But for those of you who do like those, Henry’s Stories: Volume 2 should be a treat!

At times the hormonal and romantic aspects of Melton’s stories comes off as odd or awkward to me, but maybe that’s just a personal thing.

I really like how the characters are capable, thinking people, though. That’s one of my favorite things about Henry Melton’s stories.

So, definitely check out Henry’s Stories!

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