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Fuse is a YA post-apocalyptic novel, and the second in the Pure Trilogy, by Julianna Baggott.

Seriously, if you haven’t read Pure yet, reading this review will not be a good idea! Pure is an excellent book and I strongly recommend checking out my review of it here, instead of spoiling yourself by perusing this review of its sequel.


Okay, now for those of you who have read Pure, here’s a light synopsis of Fuse:

Outside of the Dome, the world is a nightmare. Partridge and Lyda, both Pure – untouched by the disasters that have wrecked the world by living in the Dome – are seeing now that the Wretches are not all terrible people – but they have endured horrifying conditions.

Now, Partridge and Lyda, along with the non-Pure revolutionary Bradwell, tough Pressia, who has ties to Partridge they’ve only recently learned about, and El Capitan the changing leader fused to his brother Helmud are learning just how much Partridge’s father had to do with what devastated the people outside the Dome.

As the Dome begins a new plan to break the Wretches, these five teenagers are learning of a plan that was put into works long ago – a plan that may save millions of lives – if only they can enact it.

But it will not be easy…

As usual for a sequel my summary is rather brief and vague. I always feel that if you read a previous book you should kind of already know if you want to continue that story – and then why know too much about what’s going to happen? At this point hopefully you’re already invested!

I know I was. Pure was quite something. It was one of my stand-out books of 2012, as you can remind yourself here. And Julianna Baggott has awed me again with Fuse!

As always, I wish I’d had the chance to reread Pure before Fuse, but with the bit I remembered clearly and the soft reminders at the beginning I ended up okay.

Starting with an enthralling prologue, Fuse just kept getting better and better. Switching viewpoints gave us a panoramic view of all these characters and presented a stark, bold, vivid post-apocalyptic landscape and deep plots that kept me consistently involved.

Fuse is heart-pumpingly, nerve-wrackingly scary suspenseful! It’s intense, stomach-turning, forceful and creative. Baggott has a strong vision of this world – and she gets it across very, very well.

Somehow the romance element of Fuse feels believable, which is astounding. Discoveries, revelations, and a steady stream of info makes the novel a “middle” book with purpose and momentum.

This really is a trilogy that Hunger Games fans should be more aware of! It has chilling, memorable, disturbing scenes and it’s fast-paced, ever-moving plot is electrifying.

Really, Fuse is a phenomenal, shocking second book. And I can’t wait for the conclusion. This is an epic that I dare you not to become glued to!!!


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