Friday, January 24, 2014

The Rising

The Rising is a YA supernatural contemporary novel and the FINAL book in an AWESOME dual trilogy; this one entitled Darkness Rising, by Kelley Armstrong.

Okay, since back from the moment I read The Summoning, the first book in the Darkest Powers trilogy, I have LOVED this series, these characters, and this world of supernaturals-within-our-world-being-experiments!!!

So, obviously I don’t want you spoiling the entire experience for yourself by jumping right into this last book! The Rising gives an end to the Darkest Powers series and the Darkness Rising series by uniting the sets of characters. For your reading pleasure, here is the order to read the novels in and links to my reviews (where applicable, as my old computer ate my review of The Reckoning).

Darkest Powers:
Book One: The Summoning
Book Two: The Awakening
Book Three: The Reckoning

Darkness Rising:
Book One: The Gathering
Book Two: The Calling
Book Three: The Rising

I recommend only reading reviews that won’t spoil you. I try to give limited info, but it’s inevitable – so choose wisely! But I will say: you do need to read these books!!! Okay?

My synopsis begins… NOW.

The Rising picks up quickly after The Calling leaves off. Maya and all her friends that grew up with her in the secluded, beautiful Salmon Creek locale are being hunted by the powerful St. Clouds and a rival Cabal now also.

They haven’t had much of a chance to truly absorb all the knowledge that has been thrown at them over the course of the last many days. The fact that they each have previously extinct, now resurrected supernatural powers has taken a backseat to being in a helicopter crash, trying to survive, and being chased.

And now they’re running out of places to hide.

Maya and her best friend Daniel lead the group in the pursuit of a lead – there are other teens that were experimented on with their powers – Project Genesis. Maybe they’ll be able to help them escape.

But as they work on this, Maya is going through her own stuff.

Knowledge that she has a twin brother she never knew of, for one. A fast, but fiery, relationship with fellow skinwalker Rafe, and the ever-burdening fear that the mental instability that Rafe’s sister got after shifting so many times will affect her…

Or already is…

Clearly, I’m a fan of this series, right? Yep. I hope you are too!

Not only was I excited to read The Rising because I have grown to love Maya and her group, but because of the promise of seeing Chloe, Derek and the rest of Project Genesis again! They still remain my favorites - I can’t help it!

Maya’s tough, confident, sarcastic self is awesome. Corey is hysterical. Daniel is an amazing friend. We essentially have a gathering of some excellent characters here.

The Rising gives us revelations GALORE! Twists, paranormal adventure and romance awesomeness await you in this final novel!

Now, I’ll admit that there are a good many dumb, bad-natured humans that just-so-happen to get in the way of some compromising situations – but I won’t complain because it created some thrilling, suspenseful scenes!

I really started to wonder how everything could all get wrapped up in this one book, but somehow she did it! I can’t deny that I’d like more – that it went faster than I wanted. But I was happy!

The Rising is sexy, mysterious, action-packed, often hilarious fun with enough character development and likability to really get invested. It also made my romantic dreams come true!! Yay!!

Clearly, you need to read The Rising.

And I need to read more Kelley Armstrong.

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