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The Summoning

Wow. All I can say is: wow.

Okay, I can say more. But I was practically speechless when I finished this thrilling, exciting, out-of-my-mind suspenseful book!

This is Kelley Armstrong’s first foray into the wonderful world of young adult fiction. She is a best-selling author of an adult series (I guess some of which take place in the same world as this killer, so I think I’ll be checking them out sooner than later).

Fifteen-year-old Chloe Saunders is a relatable, sweet, sort of ordinary girl – often mistaken for much younger (I can relate). She’s not hated or loved by her peers. She’s not popular, but she’s not really unpopular either. But when an event that she has waited a long time to happen does happen at school – things start to happen. She’s never been that fond of the dark in the first place, especially after a nightmare that might be more truth than dream, but when an unfamiliar janitor starts running after her down the school halls, his face turning into a melting, waxy looking horror movie – well, she’s lost her mind.

Or has she?

That is the million-dollar question in the air when she is sent to Lyle House, a place of healing for disturbed teens. Because there are more mysteries than therapy going on. And some people seem to think that she’s seeing ghosts instead of hallucinations.

And that is how this frakktastic books gets in gear in a MAJOR way. To be honest, I think it’s in gear from the first sentence.

INSANELY good, spooky, suspenseful, and spectacular! Plus there’s this whole thing about me thinking there’s an epic romance going on in it – that maybe isn’t real obvious yet but my heart is depending upon and I think would be awesome.

To say that The Summoning is hugely entertaining is simply not enough. I don't know if there ARE enough words to describe it, but I'll try. Creepy. Thrilling. Suspenseful (did I say that already? Oops!). Creative. Unique. Exciting. Twisty. Shocking. Fun. Action-packed. Supernatural. Awesome (it deserves to be used twice, I promise!). Hmm. Still not enough! Get it? I LOVED this book!!! The execution of the characters, plot, and overall package is PERFECT!

When I’m excited, my writing skill diminish by about 100% in case you’ve noticed.

Plain and simple, THANK YOU Kelley Armstrong!!! I just can’t WAIT for the next one (it is a planned trilogy). It’ll be a long wait! In the meantime, I plan on rereading. And rereading. And … well, you get my point.

I implore anyone who read this to check it out in August when it hits the shelves. It is MORE than worth it!!!!!


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