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The Awakening

Kelley Armstrong’s The Awakening is the sequel to the adored (speaking from my opinion) The Summoning. If you have yet to read The Summoning, please skip this review and run, don’t walk, to your local bookstore or library to read it! Need more convincing? Read my review of The Summoning here: Reading my review of The Awakening will only spoil all the deliciously thrilling things that happen in The Summoning.

Now, on to The Awakening. I must admit, I have been dying to read this since the day it came out in April. Sadly, due to a series of unfortunate events, I was unable to do so until recently. But it was definitely worth the wait!!!

Last we were with Chloe, she was betrayed by her Aunt Lauren and trapped in a faux hotel room, trying to “summon” Liz, whom all signs pointed, was dead.

We pick up shortly thereafter. It’s hard to know what to say without giving anything away. You see, Kelley manages to keep the suspense from page one to page 360. To give away one tiny twist or even one perhaps quick coming moment in the book could ruin that one second of surprise in your reading experience.

Many people think “little tiny spoilers” aren’t spoilers. Especially if it happens in the first 25 pages. Me? I disagree. Particularly with sequels!

If you’re reading this review, you’ve already read The Summoning (unless you are ignoring my direct warning and have only really hurt yourself and your bibliophile ways) – you already know and love Chloe. You already know and love Derek. At least, I do. I ADORE him! Anyway, ahem, moving on... You know Chloe’s a necromancer. That there is definitely some fishy stuff going on with Lyle House. And that Darkest Powers series is AWESOME and needs no more than to be read and loved as only a true junky bibliophile can!

So, I’m sorry. I won’t give away any plot points. I can’t. It’s against my nature. I say, open the pages and read. Read, read, read!

And, if you’re like me, you won’t stop reading until you’re done. Okay, sure I had to stop reading a couple times (let’s be honest here)… but every time I brushed my teeth, went to bed, or ate my dinner, my thoughts would quite often drift over to the appealing cover and it’s tug of fantasy action/adventure. (The best genre EVER. Lol.)

What can I say? I can say that Kelley Armstrong is an awesome writer! I can say that Chloe is likeably different than other YA heroines with her mixture of confidence, niceness, and all-around normalcy. That is, apart from her ability. And the ability? It’s amazing! It sets up character growth, chills, and plenty of storylines. Derek manages to be a bad boy without being “the” bad boy. He’s complex and interesting. He’s not necessarily attractive. He’s grumpy. He’s DIFFERENT!

I could go on and on and on. But the main thing is, if you like to get a little scared (in a fun way), like slow-building romance (at least, that’s what I hope for – whether you love Simon or Derek), action, suspense, thrills, a full-fledged fantasy universe set within our own and everything in between – this is the YA book for you!

As for me, I’m breathlessly waiting for The Reckoning. Kelley, if you read this: Please stop the torture and get the book released months sooner! :)

Important Side Note: Like winning stuff? Show up on Wednesday October 7th for a brand new contest!!! Spread the word! :)


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