Friday, January 31, 2014

Shadow Grail # 3: Sacrifices

Sacrifices is the third book in the YA paranormal series called Shadow Grail by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill.

To avoid spoilers check out my review of book one, Legacies, here and/or my review of book two, Conspiracies, here.

Since Spirit White’s family died and she was whisked away to the magical school of Oakhurst Academy, her life has become increasingly in danger.

Students vanishing, supernatural forces taking sacrifices, school dances that go horribly wrong – but until now Spirit and her friends have managed, they thought, to hold back the worst of it.

Yet now the enemy, Shadow Knights under the guise of a company called Breakthrough Adventure Systems, is inside the school – supposedly protecting it.

Their regime is cruel with harsh classes that are designed to bend students to their agenda – or make them disappear.

Trying to fight back, Spirit and her friends decide to have Muirin go undercover in Breakthrough. But her act is so good that they’re beginning to worry where Muirin’s loyalties truly lie…

I enjoyed Legacies and Conspiracies, and I enjoyed Sacrifices as well.

And yet…

Sacrifices seems to have a lot of repeating words and phrases. It’s interesting, but kind of needed to pick up the pace, I felt.

I didn’t re-read the first two books before reading Sacrifices, and I don’t know how much that threw me off. I couldn’t remember all the details of the first two books, and maybe that caused the third one to drag more?

Though having paranoia be the focus of this novel is intriguing, it also got tiring to have the constant barrage of, “CAN WE TRUST THEM OR NOT?!?” Especially when most of this vibe is brought about by telling instead of showing.

Also, sadly, the romantic angst wasn’t really working for me either.

Don’t get me wrong – Sacrifices still has its strong points!

It certainly has an air of legitimate danger when death/murder/disappearances are a reality at Oakhurst.

To be totally fair, I feel like once I get a chance to read the final book and re-read all the rest prior, or in quick succession, I might have a better view of the series as a whole.

All in all, I still like the Shadow Grail novels, but didn’t really like this entry in the series in and of itself.


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