Monday, December 9, 2013

Darkbeast Rebellion

Darkbeast Rebellion is a middle grade fantasy novel, and the sequel to Darkbeast, by Morgan Keyes.

Yet again this is a review that you want to avoid unless you’ve read Darkbeast first (review here).


Keara and Caw are fleeing for their lives with their previous Traveler companions Goran and Taggart. Only recently has Keara found that they too spared their darkbeasts instead of sacrificing them on their twelfth birthday as is the law.

Caw is more than a creature that takes on her darker deeds and thoughts and gives her an emotional boost. He’s her friend. She could not, and will not, kill him.

Now that they are being hunted by the ruthless Inquisitors, Taggart is convinced that he can take them all to a safe haven for darkers – a group of people who have spared their darkbeasts and live in secrecy.

But they are freezing and exhausted and the journey just might kill them…

Just as in the first novel Darkbeast, Darkbeast Rebellion portrays a sweet bonding between man and animal as its focus. A friendship that runs deep. As an animal lover, that is a win!

At times, I will admit, I felt that the book was a little meandering – but the prose fleshes Keara out so well. She’s a three-dimensional, flawed, likable, brave girl that tends to be an outsider no matter whom she’s around.

Darkbeast Rebellion is an increasingly suspenseful read – at times utterly nerve-wrangling as its twists surprise and worry you. This is truly well done world building, if not always completed riveting in so doing.

Bursting with emotion and raw feeling, I feel this book is a survival story – not just for the human characters we follow, but those they love – their darkbeasts.

It’s a touching story with an ending that I can be satisfied with as a conclusion or (preferably) an opening to another book.

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