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Untold is the second book in the gothic YA supernatural Lynburn Legacy by Sarah Rees Brennan.

The first book, Unspoken, was amazing – as you can read in my review here.

The second book, Untold, is also amazing – which you can read below.

HOWEVER, if you haven’t read Unspoken yet don’t you dare!!! You don’t want to know ANYTHING about book two before you read book one, ya hear?

Okay then. If you’re still reading this that better mean you’ve read Unspoken…

Sorry-in-the-Vale is a small, quiet town in England.

Or so it seems.

Actually it is the center of a terrifying sorceress family called the Lynburn’s, where they ruled for generations through blood and power. It’s been some time since it’s been that way.

But Rob Lynburn is determined to bring the old ways back.

That’s why Rob brought his family back to Sorry-in-the-Vale, including his troubled nephew Jared – though they didn’t know that was the reason initially.

The battle for Sorry-in-the-Vale is gearing up to be a tough one as there are more sorcerers in town than originally believed. And Rob’s tactics of swaying by fear seem to be working.

For Kami, however, things are personal. Kami and Jared have been linked since birth – always in each other’s minds, never alone – and before they met they each they thought the other may just be imaginary. Perhaps proof that they were crazy.

But each is real. And the bond that developed between the years is unique – not able to be understood by others.

Now that bond is broken.

Kami is free. But it doesn’t feel that way…

Wow, Untold is immediately hilarious and spooky – wait till you see what inanimate objects come to life in the first chapter!

We get a smart recap with Angela’s brother Rusty, which really helped me out. I didn’t have time to reread Unspoken and it gave me a good little refresher.

Untold is surprisingly funny while also being heartbreaking. It made me laugh out loud, caused my heart to break and made me want to cry.

Talk about causing a range of emotions effectively, Ms. Brennan!

Plus, Kami is one of my favorite modern-day literary heroines. Period.

She’s smart, witty, strong-willed yet vulnerable in a believable way. Truly a girl that would be an awesome friend.

The Lynburn Legacy features on of the deepest, most soulful romances I’ve read, also. Especially for YA. It’s honestly beyond the superficial and never feels forced or cheesy. This is about a connection like no other, and knowing someone through and through.

Amidst all the awesomeness is a line-up of equally excellent supporting characters like Angela, Rusty, Holly and (of course) Jared.

Untold manages to be horrifying, suspenseful, and nail biting.

And oh my gosh I need the next book NOW.

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