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Unbreakable is the start to a new YA supernatural contemporary series called The Legion by Kami Garcia, co-author to the popular book Beautiful Creatures.

Kennedy’s life has changed drastically.

When one night her beloved cat Elvis slipped out of the house (out of the ordinary as it is) and she chased him to a cemetery (not the best place to be at night, kinda creepy), her eyes became glued on an apparition.

A girl.


Maybe transparent.

After grabbing her cat and heading home, Kennedy convinced herself that what she saw wasn’t really what she saw and headed out to the movie theater with her best friend in new boots her awesome Mom just bought her.

It was when she came home that the world shattered around her.

Her Mom was dead.

They said heart failure.

But then, four weeks later, as Kennedy is spending her last, tearful night in her bedroom before starting what she thinks will be her new life at a boarding school, identical twins Jared and Lukas Lockhart break in and destroy a deadly spirit sent to kill her.

Suddenly it’s all too clear that her Mom did not die of heart failure.

As Kennedy listens, shell-shocked, she learns that there is a secret society called the Legion of the Black Dove that has been around for generations fighting ghosts and a particularly vengeful demon – and all five members were murdered on the same night.

Her Mom being one of them.

Swept away with the haphazard replacement group, of which she is told she is one of, Kennedy realizes that she is missing any special skill as to which to help.

And she might not stay alive long enough to find out the truth about her Mom’s life in the Legion…

Unbreakable is a fast-paced book fraught with some early sad emotions and decently creepy scenes.

As the novel continued, I have to say I was not sure how invested I was in Kennedy. I was enjoying the story, though it seemed to have shades of a lot of familiar concepts without being awfully original about it. Yet one of my biggest issues was that I wanted Kennedy to start being tougher – or at least less in need of rescuing so often.

It’s an action novel, a clue-following story as they work to destroy a demon that is responsible for the recent Legion’s mass murder. Not to mention it features lots of demon/spirit fighting. Kinda fun, but I feel it could’ve been even better.

Unbreakable is definitely a quick read – and entertaining. The relationships (and attractions) between characters happen a little quicker than I prefer, but I can’t say I was bored in the slightest.

In my opinion Unbreakable is a good fit for fans of Maureen Johnson’s Shades of London series, though it’s not as atmospheric or – just speaking from personal taste – filled with as many believable, likable characters.

After finishing it, I am interested in book two – but not clamoring.


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