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Rapture is the fourth and final book in the YA angel fantasy Fallen series by Lauren Kate.

Happy TGIF! Today I'm providing you TWO reviews! Occasionally this is gonna happen - and today is one of those days!

As always (feel like I’m saying this a lot lately – lots of sequels this year!), don’t read this review if you haven’t read the three previous books. It’ll only cause spoilers and possibly influence your opinion of the earlier novels.

Instead, read my review of Fallen here, Torment here, and Passion here. Then there was that little in-between book called Fallen in Love, which I reviewed here.

Now, if you are all caught up with the series, feel free to continue and find out what my thoughts were as this popular series came to a close…

It seems like a lot of us have felt the Fallen quartet has gone off track. Passion was still good for me, but none of the books ever were as good as Fallen was, in my opinion. Like some other series (for example The Maze Runner) each successive book felt like it got less and less amazing. Which is really too bad.

I didn’t mind Passion. As you can see in my review (link above) I actually was pretty fascinated by it. But I did read all three of the first ones one after the other with no interruption. This one I waited almost a year and I haven’t reread the series since, so it’s kind of strange how my opinion might have been altered by that.

I’m not really going to give much info here on the plot. If you’ve invested this much time into a series I kind of assume, as a bibliophile, you’re going to want to see where it all ends up.

So what did I think?

Well, because I didn’t have time to reread the entire first three books, I did find I was pretty confused at first as I started Rapture. I also was surprised to find how disengaged I was. Where in Fallen I was invested in Luce and her strange, unexplainable pull toward the attractive, mysterious Daniel – I found I had no connection this time around.

In fact, I found Rapture to be a little pushy on the mushy-type romance. I was always still hoping to be wowed but in the first 380 pages or so I was consistently exasperated with the storyline and characters, found there was a lot of repetition in words and scenes, and a load of dry descriptions that fell flat.

Now, this was just me. I really, really hope that you feel different. So don’t go taking it off your To Be Read list!

Especially since right around the point where there was only 70 pages left (at that 380 page mark), Rapture suddenly kicked in gear. It was still nothing like the hypnotic, dark Fallen, but there was a definite increase in drama and plot. And there were a couple of big twists I did not see coming!

Sadly, Rapture fell into a category of a little too little, a little too late for me. I was happy that the last few pages provided a relatively good, unexpected end to the series. But the way it got there, in my opinion, was uneven, tedious, and sometimes hopelessly cheesy.

The series I began with Fallen was much edgier, much more enigmatic than what it all ended up being by the time of Rapture. I don’t know. I just kinda hoped for a lot more.

I’d love to hear what you think!


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