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Fallen in Love

Fallen in Love is a YA paranormal fantasy novel, and part of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate.

First of all – Happy Valentine’s Day, Bibliophiles!

I wanted to review a Valentine-centric book for y’all today – and what do you know, the entire story takes place on Valentine’s Day!

Fallen in Love is a short novel (202 pages to be exact) that interconnects four love stories featuring characters from the Fallen series. You’ve got Miles, Shelby, Roland, Arriane, and of course our leads Luce and Daniel.

This story takes place during the third book in the series, Passion, when Luce goes through the Announcers to learn more about her past lives and the other characters are desperately trying to find her to get her back to her present-day life.

We are brought to Miles and Shelby’s tale first. When they decide to go ahead and let the angels deal with the issue and go home, they find it’s not so easy. Ends up they’re in yet another one of Luce’s past lives – this time in medieval times. And guess what? It’s Valentine’s Day!

Seeing the familiar, aching sadness on their friend’s past self’s face, they decide to try and give Luce an idealistic, wonderful Valentine’s Day. But first they need to find this time period’s Daniel.

While trying to help out their friend, Miles and Shelby find that they might also find a love connection on this love-filled day. We also learn more about Roland’s lost love and Arriane’s scar gets a backstory involving a tragic love story of her own.

All this and more in Fallen in Love.

Alrighty, so I’m a fan of the Fallen series. I am looking forward to Rapture, the fourth novel in the series coming out a little later this year… But sadly, I wasn’t so much a fan of Fallen in Love.

I was really surprised how uninterested I was in the intertwined stories. It all felt cloying and cliché, and overall not very good. And you know how much I hate to say anything negative here at the Bibliophile Support Group! Remember, just because Fallen in Love may not have satisfied my drug-like need for awesome books – doesn’t mean it won’t for you! All of our addiction tastes are different!

However, for me? Eh. Fallen in Love lacked any real emotional depth – the parts that were trying to be soaring were just weird for me. I felt no connection at all to characters that I have grown to like quite a bit in the series. Even the level of writing felt subpar, and I was blown away by Lauren Kate in Fallen. So, I guess I’m kind of confused. Maybe if I read it again someday, it’ll be better? I don’t know.

Sadly, it just didn’t work for me. Personally, I’d recommend looking at yesterday’s review of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight for a more romantic, cinematic novel to read for today’s holiday instead of Fallen in Love, though I still suggest you read Fallen in Love for yourself when you get the chance!


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