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Passion is the third novel in the Fallen series, an ambitious YA angel saga by Lauren Kate.

Again, this review will have inevitable spoilers for Fallen and Torment - don't read it unless you've already read the previous books in the series. You've been warned, bibliophiles!!!

After the breathless events at the conclusion of Torment, Luce is in a state of desperation. It seems that the cycle of losing her life will never end - though this time she won't come back. It would truly be the end. What's the point of it all? Why is Daniel cursed? Beyond his immeasurable attractiveness, why does she love him? How does it all end?

It is with all of these questions in her mind that Luce opened up an Announcer and stepped in. She was told repeatedly how dangerous that is, how she should be trained heavily before ever attempting such a thing - but in that moment she couldn't care less. What really mattered was to learn - to learn the secrets Daniel wouldn't tell her, to connect with her past selves and the tragedy that touched all her past families, and to finally break the cycle.

All of the angels, not to mention the Outcasts, are trying to find her. Of course, none as frantically as Daniel. But going on a search through time is not easy - she could be anywhere. She's had reincarnations through thousands of years!

But what if Luce gets lost in time? Or worse - what if she changes things so dramatically that she'll have never existed in the current time - or change herself completely?

This time it may truly be the end to Daniel and Luce's star-crossed romance...

Passion sets up a plot that definitely got my attention: Luce is going to start visiting her past! Ooooh - I like it!

It was fascinating and amazing as Luce takes an agonizing trip through time. It's quite a journey - mixing historical times and puzzling mysteries, never letting us forget the terrible danger we've been warned she's in while doing this! It's one heck of a unique plot! Hats off to Lauren Kate for spinning us quite the tale.

There's a real sense of answers coming - big ones. And as the pace and revelations accelerated, we were indeed given some. Being a Christian, I'm not a huge fan of creating fiction out of angels and God - but Lauren Kate did present in such a way to make me feel that it was truly a fantasy - and I set that sentiment aside.

Passion is an exhilarating adventure with a romantic, tragic twist. It's riveting, spectacular, and singular with an originality that makes it shine. Unlike the previous two books, there is very little time spent with secondary characters like Arriane, Shelby, Miles, etc. Yet we get a ton of valuable info, and the emotional impact of getting to see, first hand along with Luce, the past lives that she experienced but does not remember.

Quite something! I will be waiting for the fourth and final book, Rapture, with bated breath - how on earth will this all end?!?


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