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Troubletwisters #1: The Magic

Troubletwisters #1: The Magic is a middlegrade fantasy novel by Garth Nix and Sean Williams.

Practically overnight, Jack and Jaide’s lives are turned upside down. They seemed to cause a mysterious explosion, or rather implosion, of their house after their dad returned from a enigmatic trip. Before they know it, their dad takes off and their disgruntled mom, who refuses to answer their questions, takes them to a relative they’ve never met – Grandma X.

What the X is for, the twins almost don’t even want to ask.

Grandma X’s home is most definitely strange – weather vanes point in the opposite direction of the wind, doors you saw one day might be gone the next, and weirdest of all… cats talk.

Jack and Jaide are clueless as to what’s going on – but it appears there’s some kind of magic in them. They’re troubletwisters.

And as an evil force is growing, it’s time they learned about what they can do to stop it.

I really wanted to like Troubletwisters: The Magic, but I for some reason I never could.

It has an odd, eccentric start that in explanation sounds like the kind of story I’d like – yet it never grabbed me. I do believe part of my issue was the continued use of the term “troubletwister” and the rather stilted dialogue. It began to get tedious because of my lack of interest, sadly.

Troubletwisters has an adventurous feel to it that I’m sure many middlegrade readers (and perhaps even adults) will embrace, but my continued lack of connection to the characters or plot made it difficult.

There’s strange strangers, secretive doors, unanswered questions, and confusing distractions galore – but there seemed to be nothing cohesive or truly inviting about the vibe. Hopefully, you’ll disagree.

I hope to get the chance to reread it someday and give it another shot, but for now I was not captivated like I wanted to be.

Please do give it a try youself, though!


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