Monday, July 11, 2011

Valentine Princess

Valentine Princess is a Princess Diaries YA humorous novella by Meg Cabot.

Whatever happened on Mia and Michael's first Valentine's Day as a couple? It was never addressed in the many diaries we read from Mia's perspective. But at sixteen, Mia finds a long-lost journal covering all the Mia-craziness associated with that first momentous day as a couple, from her freshman year.

In it, Mia tries to figure out why it is that Boris can't seem to help himself but to proclaim his love for Lilly on Valentine's Day, and even Kenny presents Mia with a Whitman's sampler, but Michael just doesn't think the holiday is worth celebrating with heart-shaped candies and roses?

Mia is determined to make their first Valentine's Day a memorable one. And hopefully get Michael on board with it!

It had been a while since I had read my Princess Diaries books - and I just recently got the opportunity to read the final two (!), which I have long been in need of and have been having to avoid spoilers of for a really, really long time. I am a huge fan of the first eight books and the novellas and lesson books in between - so I thought that Valentine Princess might be a good refresher before I read the finale, as I didn't have time to reread the whole series (which is what I would have liked to have done).

Valentine Princess did exactly that: refresh me. Sure it is back from Mia's freshman year, which isn't where I'll be taking off in Princess Mia, but still. I got to reorient myself to Meg Cabot's delicious, hilarious, humor and the sometimes outrageous, but always charming voice of Mia.

Though extremely short at only 86 pages (which is why it's a novella, not a novel), Valentine Princess was fun, definitely romantic (Michael. Sigh.), entertaining, and the perfect type of "fluff" to spend your afternoon enjoying. It reminded me of how much I love this series and these characters - and made me all the more excited to see how the series will conclude!

Meg Cabot never disappoints - and this is no exception!

***BIBLIOPHILE ALERT! I have been reading like an even crazier book addict than usual this year, and apparently three reviews a week can't keep up pace with me! Because of this, for the entire month of July I will be having FIVE reviews a week! That's right! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! So, please remember to check back here more often during July - and come August I'm planning on returning to three reviews a week. Keep the schedule change in mind, and don't miss any reviews! :)

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