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Forever Princess

Forever Princess is the tenth and final book in the extremely popular Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot.

Just like I said about Princess Mia on Wednesday, if you haven't read the books before Forever Princess you'll find inevitable spoilers in the description of Forever Princess. I strongly suggest avoiding it till you get the chance to get caught up! Otherwise, lets see what Mia is up to you in this final (*sniff*) Princess Diaries...

It's been almost two years since Mia and Michael's epic breakup and Mia's epic breakdown. Now Mia is nearing her eighteenth birthday and her graduation from high school, and has changed quite a bit. For one thing, she has a non-obsessive relationship with J. P., a healthy friendship with Tina and (shockingly enough) Lana, and a senior project that is a real accomplishment.

Of course no one knows what it actually is, besides very few people. Mia has decided to keep the fact that her senior project is actually a historical romance novel a secret, especially since all she's been receiving are rejection letters from publishers. So who knows if it is even any good. Apparently the last two years of her life were a waste.

Despite being much more levelheaded than her younger counterpart, Mia can't get herself to be as into her boyfriend as everyone else is, nor can she ignore the fact that Michael is back from Japan and looking very good. But they've both moved on, and Mia has no excuse for not loving J. P. as much as he loves her.

So Mia tries to get herself excited for prom (which will be hard to do when she's trying to avoid it) while watching her dad's poll numbers drop and her cousin Rene's poll numbers rise in the election for Prime Minister of Genovia (completely her fault), and tries to figure out what she's going to do next. Her choices (clearly) have consequences...

When we return to Mia's life in Forever Princess we have skipped over almost two years of time. This is quickly explained away by the fact that while she was writing her novel she wasn't writing in her journal at all. She returns to us much more mature - so much so it is startling! She has a calmer, more confident and sarcastic tone. It's great, but I couldn't help but miss the excited, slightly crazy Mia I had grown to love - and wondered if this was inevitable with the loss of Michael and her lifetime best friend Lilly. Her life changed so much, why wouldn't she?

The fact that Mia has been with J. P. the entire time surprised me, but I found it extremely believable. He's been a secure rock in her life, if perhaps a bit boring and clingy from my standpoint. I really liked J. P. at first, but Meg Cabot has done a great job of making him layered, and even a bit irritating, in a natural way.

I am still flabbergasted that Lana is friends with Mia now, and to see that she still is - awesome! It's refreshing and happily unexpected. And then we have the ever-so-hot Michael come back and spark a light in some of Mia's long dormant giddiness (which has a more grown up tone, but still), which she tries to squash - but makes me ecstatic.

As I was reading Forever Princess, I couldn't believe how much I wanted Mia and Michael to get back together!!! I was on pins and needles the whole time, whipping through the pages. I will not, of course, tell you if my wish comes true or not - you'll have to read it for yourself.

Forever Princess was inspiring, empowering, and bittersweet as we said good-bye to characters I have come to adore, now iconic and beloved in my bibliophile mind. It was a fun yet sensitive end to a series that really emphasized supportive, loyal friendships and the importance of finding your own voice, instead of relying on someone else's. I truly, truly loved it!!!

Still absolutely laugh-out-loud funny and charming, Forever Princess brought to us a phenomenally romantic and exciting conclusion! I gobbled it up - enjoying every delightful, hilarious, touching, and oh-so-terribly awesome bite!!!

I am SO glad I finally got a chance to read the end of the Princess Diaries series, because it is an incredibly PERFECT ending - leaving me gleeful from my fingertips to my toes!!! And a little sad, too. Because I no longer to get to read a Mia story for the first time. Well, except for Sweet Sixteen Princess - which I haven't gotten to yet. So, here I come!

Thanks for an amazing ride, Meg! :)

***BIBLIOPHILE ALERT! I have been reading like an even crazier book addict than usual this year, and apparently three reviews a week can't keep up pace with me! Because of this, for the entire month of July I will be having FIVE reviews a week! That's right! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! So, please remember to check back here more often during July - and come August I'm planning on returning to three reviews a week. Keep the schedule change in mind, and don't miss any reviews! :)


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