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The Sentinels

The Sentinels is the third and final book in the YA/middlegrade fantasy trilogy The Stone of Tymora - written by the father/son team, R. A. & Geno Salvatore.

Don't read the review of this book if you haven't read the first two. Instead, read my review of the first book The Stowaway here. If you've read that, read my review of the second book, The Shadowmask, here. And get thee far away from this post before you find out spoilers!!!

Now, for those of you already fans of this fantasy adventure series - you already know all the trials poor Maimun has had to go through. Among them: dueling with a dragon and a demon, losing his stone, retrieving his stone, finding out that he is connected with the stone, realizing that the stone may cause danger and death to those he surrounds himself with, including his guardian Perrault, whom he loved.

Well, things aren't any better for Maimun now. Except that he has Joen for company this time. He's on the run again, but this time running toward answers. He is determined to find Malchor, a wise and famed wizard, whom is supposed to have those answers. Only Malchor asks a deep price: over a year of residence in his home, the Tower of Twilight, before a single word about the stone will come from Malchor's lips.

But as The Stone of Tymora trilogy barrels to its conclusion, there are no slow moments. Everything is meaningful, even if it isn't apparent at the time. Secrets become known. There are those who are revealed to be different from what we think. And the Sentinels are watching and scheming to control the fortune of the stone - even if that means someone will die...

I have to tell you, my book adoring friends, this was one heck of a book!!! Of course, being a fan of the first two books made me automatically eager for the answers that The Sentinels was sure to offer - but it wasn't just a wrap up to a story - it was a story!

And what a story at that!!! The Sentinels joined The Stowaway and The Shadowmask in being an expertly crafted fantasy action/adventure, combining a poignant coming-of-age tale with fierce friendship, perils of survival, magical creatures, swordplay, and a lush, fully imagined world.

This is one of those fantastic books that makes you really care about the characters - Maimun gained a place in my heart from the first novel, and has only grown to be even more courageous and lovable since. The Sentinels is a thrilling, epic-like fantasy, the kind where destiny and fate play a large, intoxicating role, with wondrous shades of the magnificent Lord of the Rings, while still remaining obstinately original.

Also strengthening The Sentinels, as well as the other two books in the Stone of Tymora trilogy, is the good sense of humor and sarcasm. It's equal parts ominous, scary, exciting, and intense! This tale is a quest, at its heart. A story about a boy that lives in a world unlike our own, a world that I as the reader would love to explore.

The Sentinels is a breathless journey and rousing conclusion to a truly rewarding trilogy. The surprises and twists burst forth among the revelations. And the heartbreaking final conflict is one that put my stomach in knots and brought tears to my eyes - a poetically written, horrifying scene. Wow.

This exhilarating, impassioned end left me desperate for more books, curious about the Drizzt books written by the author, and hoping for more answers and satisfaction. Could it be possible? I sure hope so!

The Stone of Tymora trilogy, and it's final book The Sentinels are worth your time no matter what age you are, especially if you are a fan of fantasy action/adventure. It is an underrated gem!!!


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