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A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic

A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic is a companion to the New York Times best-selling A Practical Guide to Dragons, written by Sindri Suncatcher, "The Greatest Kender Wizard Who Ever Lived" (a.k.a. Susan J. Morris).

This is guide for young wizards, or aspiring wizards that is! A Dungeons & Dragons book, this practical guide gives you tips on how to harness dragon magic for yourself - including, but not limited to, flying alongside your dragon on wings of your own, breathing fire, and casting spells. It teaches you about the different types of dragons, what makes each one special, therefore guiding you to your choice of dragon you want as your teacher!

After learning all of this fascinating information about dragons and your different options for becoming a dragon magic user - there is a quiz at the end to facilitate in your final decision of an apprentice.

Of course, based off the description alone you realize that this book is targeted for younger audiences. However, it is most certainly a fun read for any age - any reader that enjoys fantasy, which includes me!

The huge, nicely styled hardcover is a great selling point - it is unique and feels like a special textbook/magicbook type of guide. I think it would be a great Christmas gift for those friends and family members that love, well, dragons!

There are full-color pages with elaborate pictures and tips scatted throughout like notes in a school book, such as "dragon etiquette" and dragon writing, language, and important phrases you need to know (i.e., Where is the bathroom?). Also, how to be considered for the prestigious dragon master school, Darastrix Academy. A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic has interesting, intricate detail and I could easily see how all of the numerous Practical Guides (vampires, monsters, fairies, wizards, etc.) would become a set to enjoy.

Though it is primarily for kids, the good sense of humor and creative fantasy detail made it exuberantly diverting for a 23-year-old bibliophile as well (yep, me). A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic made me even more curious about the other guides, as it began to get a bit addictive - the more you know about this fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons, the more you want to know! At least, that was my experience!

One odd note, though, was that when I did the final quiz my answers did not end of matching perfectly with any result. They had numerous result options, but somehow I didn't fit in. A bit of a disappointment. But I went with the closest - which means that apparently I am to be apprenticed with a Gold dragon! Whoo-hoo! Bring on the blinding brilliance of the sun! What dragon suits your fancy? Read A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic to find out!


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