Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Big Fix

The Big Fix is the third book in the Ciel Halligan urban fantasy/mystery series by Linda Grimes.

As with any other series, it is best to read the novels in order for the most fulfilling reading experience. Therefore, please find links to the prior book titles and my reviews of them here:

In a Fix
Quick Fix

For those of you who have already read these books, feel free to read on. For those of you who haven’t, there could be minor spoilers of the first two books – you’ve been warned!!!

Ciel Halligan, aura adaptor, is still determined to make her business work and be self-sufficient.

Just because her hot boyfriend wants to help her out financially doesn’t mean she would ever accept. But she WILL accept his referral for a new client, since she so desperately needs one.

Plus, this job is a fun one!

Getting a chance to take on famous action star actor Jackson Gunn’s aura for a snake handling scene (he’s apparently terrified of snakes, who knew?!) should be a fast way to make a good amount of money.

But then things go terribly wrong.

While Ciel is dealing with the slithery creature, including the blonde bimbo actress in the same scene, Jackson’s wife is killed.

As in, murdered.

And Ciel has now provided Jackson with the perfect alibi. Did he do it and purposely use her aura adaptor skills against her?

Ciel hopes from hell to high water he didn’t – but she has to look into it with best friend turned new boyfriend Billy and kinda/sorta “former” crush of the century CIA operative Mark.

That won’t be awkward…

I loved In a Fix and Quick Fix – Ciel is a short, red-headed smart gal and the novel’s premise of aura adapting is a unique fantasy skill that works well in combining with a contemporary mystery novel. Just lots of fun.

Romantic elements are also very spicy and full of tension, making for a fast paced read. As I’ve said before, these books tend to go into the more explicit for love scenes – but due to the overall fluffy fun of the story I am able to let it slide.

The Big Fix kept these elements, most definitely. Yet I felt the core mystery was… uninteresting? Starts off with an entertaining twist involving Hollywood and famous people – but then, I personally had guessed whodunit LONG before the actual reveal. It felt a little underdeveloped, which was sad since I was so looking forward to this follow-up.

On the personal and romantic levels, The Big Fix was stronger. However, a couple of developments this third book takes in those areas as well were a little startling and left me a little stunned. Not bad, really, just… wow.

Unfortunately, not as flat out awesome as the first two – but I would still be all over reading a book four if there is one. Hopefully the plotline is more thought out and complex next time.

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