Friday, July 19, 2013


Unbroken is the follow-up to Paula Morris’s YA modern ghost story set in New Orleans, Ruined.

If you haven’t read the atmospheric, creepily good Ruined – read my review here. And don’t read the review of Unbroken yet.

But if you have – read on!

It was one year ago that Rebecca Brown left New Orleans changed.

Spending quality time with a ghost, ending a longtime curse, finding out you’re actually related to a deep-rooted family connected to said curse, and almost being killed can do that to you.

But when Rebecca gets a chance to return for a short time with her father and best friend (who is none the wiser on the aforementioned activity of last year), she feels an undeniable pull. The city is hypnotic – and she’s hoping to see a certain handsome boy: Anton Grey.

Yet it’s not long before she realizes that seeing Lisette last year was not a fluke or a one-shot deal. A new blue-eyed ghost is asking for her help. Unable to turn her back on him, she tries – but is Rebecca now is more danger than ever?

Okay, so – Unbroken!

Great follow-up to Ruined, I felt.

Rebecca is a likably unfussy character – has a good relationship with her dad for the most part, and isn’t too much of a pushover when it comes to guys.

New Orleans makes for a distinctive, excellent setting for another ghost story – and it was a good new story and plot for Rebecca.

I’m not jumping up and down flipping out over my love for Unbroken, nor was I for Ruined. But both books are entertaining, decently well-done, semi-suspenseful, interesting supernatural stories well worth a read – and maybe even a reread someday.

Ruined might still have an edge on Unbroken, in my opinion, but both are very good!

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