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The Grass is Always Greener

The Grass is Always Greener is the third and final novel in Jen Calonita’s contemporary fiction series, Belles.

Don’t roll your eyes, you know the drill!

As a bibliophile, you do NOT want to spoil any book you’re reading by reading them out of order! So, if you have not yet read the first books, Belles, or the second book, Winter White, click on their titles to read those reviews instead and AVOID THIS REVIEW!

Now, assuming the rest of you have already read the first two novels in the series, shall we commence with a brief synopsis of The Grass is Always Greener?

After finding out that the wealthy politician pretending to be her uncle and new guardian was her father – and therefore her “cousins” her siblings – Izzie has just recently started to settle into her Cinderella-like life change.

Her half-sister Mira and she are starting to bond - and merge their old lives with their new life, including trying to deal with the scandal, reporters, and overall publicity that surrounds them as a result of being a rising politician’s children.

But when Izzie’s Aunt Zoe – whom she’d never heard of – arrives unannounced just as Izzie’s grandma dies, Izzie doesn’t know what to do. Torn between grief and confusion, this new surprise might be exactly what she needs – or the opposite.

In the meantime, Mira is struggling with the fact that her boyfriend is moving to an entirely different area – and doesn’t know what to do with her feelings for a cute painter that is attending the same art class.

Under the harsh spotlight of the press, will Mira and Izzie have any chance of a sweet sixteen?

As y’all might remember, I was always a bit dithering when it came to the Belles series.

Jen Calonita pens a series that has a strong ABC Family TV series vibe – cute boys, family drama, wealth, dreams-can-come-true soapy stuff.

I’m not a big fan of that – but I continually would get sucked into the rather addictive, relatively entertaining story.

Initially I had thought that Belles was going to be four books, not three. Maybe I’m wrong, but I had a feeling that the series was kinda cut off quickly for some reason. But that’s neither here nor there for the purposes of this review.

With the fluffy domestic melodrama and romance, The Grass is Always Greener still managed to hook me – but not so much as the prior two books. I just still don’t relate to Mira or Izzie all that much. The characterizations, situations, and overall plotline still came across as cliché and a bit unbelievable.

For those nights when you’re super tired and just want to be semi-diverted, though? Good choice.

Yet I won’t deny that I think there are quite a few soapy books that would’ve kept me more enthralled.

This is a fun, harmless series with a decent little end here. Enjoy it!


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