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The Master of Misrule

The Master of Misrule is the sequel to the YA supernatural novel The Game of Triumphs by Laura Powell.

Oh, wow. This is what I look for in a book!

Before I get ahead of myself, if you haven’t read The Game of Triumphs yet, not only are you possibly crazy (CRAZY!), but you should most definitely NOT read this review. It’ll contain inevitable spoilers of what is one of my favorite books of the year so far…

Instead, read my review of The Game of Triumphs here and then go grab yourself a copy. THEN, you can come back. :)

I’m expecting all of you who haven’t read The Game of Triumphs to not be reading this sentence… Last warning…

For all y’all who follow my blog (you rock!), you know that I really don’t like giving away the plot of sequels. I myself don’t even read the inside jacket of sequels. If I loved the first book, what else do I need to know? So, instead I’ll give a brief recap of how The Game of Triumphs ended and a brief, light idea of where it’s going. Deal? Okay.

Cat, Flora, Toby, and Blaine all had their individual reasons for becoming involved in the Arcanum after accidentally influencing the Game in some way.

Cat is determined to find justice and answers for her parents’ murder.

Flora is steadfast in her goal of finding and rescuing her sister Grace

Blaine is looking for his cruel stepfather, determined that he will face what he’s done.

Toby savors the Game like none of the others and craves the heroism and adventure.

Each of them is tied to the Game – but none of them were actually playing. They were chancers, fools. But meeting the Hanged Man changed all that. Following his instructions, they put into motion change – change for the better, they thought.

Yet as each of them goes to collect on their prize and leave the Game behind them, they find that the Master of Misrule is also a master of betrayal – and instead of setting everyone free of the Game, they might have created a monster far worse…

And, oh, there’s so much more!!!

But I am hopeful that if you have read this far, you loved The Game of Triumphs like I did and are ready to jump in without too much info!

The Master of Misrule is an amazing, trippy Alice in Wonderland for a new generation, riddled with riddles and mind games.

Laura Powell has created an equally fast-paced, truly suspenseful sequel – penning the original tale with an alluring, captivating quality that smoothly morphs from creepy to dreamlike. It’s packed with twists and characters that have legitimate desires and involving personalities.

The Master of Misrule did a great job at quickly refreshing my memory of The Game of Triumphs, which I read back in February. I was glad because as much as I wanted to reread the first book, I just didn't have time.

This is truly brain candy – a puzzle, a Game, filled with cleverness, intelligence, and creativity that take this psychologically thrilling story to a disturbing, all-together stunning place!

I really can’t go on long enough! I LOVED The Master of Misrule. The heart-stopping revelations were just excellent – the action superb – the character development relatable – the supernatural elements happily DIFFERENT from anything else out there!!!

As you can tell, I wholly, absolutely recommend The Master of Misrule!


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