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The Dirt

The Dirt is a YA contemporary fiction novel by Lori Culwell.

All Lucy Whitley wants is to go to a Connecticut boarding school that focuses on science.

And to get away from her scandalous family.

For as long as she remembers, her wealthy family has been the target of gossip and rumors, especially regarding the fact that her mom took off when she was little – and took one of her sisters with her. They haven’t been seen or heard of since.

Not only that, but her fashion-model beautiful, popular sister Sloane heads up a powerful, mean-girl clique that has made Lucy’s life a nightmare for years.

If Lucy can just make sure that her dad’s wedding goes smooth she can finally get away from it all – and have permission to go to her nerd haven in Connecticut.

Only problem?

Trying to get anything to go perfectly in the Whitley family is near impossible.

Lucy might as well kiss her dream goodbye…

The Dirt is a frothy, short novel that many readers will like.

I personally felt that while The Dirt makes an admirable effort to be a madcap look at a quirky, crazy family through the eyes of the grounded protagonist, it never really felt truly as fun as it was trying to convince me it was.

Not that it won’t be fun for you, of course!

On my end, I was distracted by a lot of repetitive word choices and more telling than showing, causing The Dirt to drag for me a bit. The narration is also a bit juvenile, which put me off a tad, but The Dirt is still somewhat entertaining.

With a soapy, twisty plot that many are sure to like, The Dirt will definitely find fans – so check it out! Unfortunately, for me, I never seemed to fully buy it – it felt too familiar and too all over the place.

Let me know what you think!


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