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Dreamless is a YA modern twist to Greek mythology by Josephine Angelini.

This novel is also the sequel to the utterly fantastic book Starcrossed, which I reviewed here last year, and which was so remarkable it made my Stand-Out Books of 2011. In other words, if you haven’t read Starcrossed yet, you really need to fix that!

Especially before you read this review!

Only the Starcrossed initiated need read further, as all others have my strict warning that despite my stringent lack of spoilers for Dreamless, there will be inevitable hints to plot reveals in Starcrossed that you should avoid!!!

Final chance to look away…

Oh my gosh. I was absolutely ecstatic to get a chance to read Dreamless after Starcrossed being one of my favorite books last year – and I am THRILLED to report that as far as I’m concerned, Dreamless actually EXCEEDED my expectations!!!

Here’s a little about it:

Helen Hamilton up until recently considered herself a secret freak. She knew that she could blow everybody away a little TOO much in track, if she let herself. She knew that she could tear the door off the hinges, if she let herself. That’s why she never let herself. Not to mention the horribly painful stomach cramps that would occur whenever she was noticed too much by anyone other than her best friend Claire, which was a deterrent to showing off her freak-ness.

But things drastically changed when the Delos family arrived in her small community of Nantucket. Her life turned upside down when she went from literally wanting to kill them to finding a secondary family in them, once the Furies were appeased by her and Lucas’ mutual sacrifice. You know what I’m talking about if you followed my instructions and are only reading this after reading Starcrossed.

Now, Helen knows she’s a Scion, a descendant of Greek gods and the people of ancient Troy. Among many other things. But she’s also the only Scion to be able to descend into the Underworld. This gives her the unique chance to stop the endless cycle of involuntary vengeance that afflicts Scions through the merciless Furies. Yet nightly “adventures” in what equates to Hell is wearing on Helen…

When Helen meets a new Scion in the Underworld, however, her fruitless trips become a bit lighter. Orion is cheerful, funny, and reminds her to smile sometimes. Even with his help, though, time is running out and if she ever wants to complete her task, progress is going to need to be made…

But through it all, the most impossible mission seems to be to forget Lucas…

Alright, I may have overdone it with the ellipses. Oh well. The excitement! The intrigue! Oh my!!!

Dreamless jumps right into the excellently fast-paced, engaging, engrossing tone that I adored in Starcrossed. Josephine Angelini continues to deepen my investment in the large cast of characters, the romance, the awesome plot, and the families, mythology, etc.

I was absolutely riveted! I love the serial, larger-than-life quality of this series, which is heavy with emotion, family dynamics, vibrant personalities, and a quest for the ages. This is a sweeping, suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat type of action, romance, and drama.

Believe it or not, it’s hard to explain how into this series I am! I seem to simply gel with this author I think. Both Starcrossed and Dreamless are examples of epic stories being both creative and well-written into pure entertainment!

Simply amazing!!! I cannot wait for book three!!!


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