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Juliet Immortal

Juliet Immortal is a YA supernatural fantasy by Stacey Jay.

Plus – it’s awesome.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

The story we all know of Romeo & Juliet is a lie. Juliet did not take her own life. She was murdered by the one person she loved and trusted most in her young fourteen years – Romeo. He sacrificed her for his own chance at immortality.

Romantic, right?

Yeah, not so much.

What Romeo didn’t know is that the dark forces that encouraged him to make that decision and granted him his immortal status had a counterpart force called the Ambassadors of Light. And as Juliet lay dying they offered her the same shot at eternal life, working against him.

Now for seven hundred years, Juliet wanders in mist until every fifty years or so she is yanked back to earth and pulled into the mind and body of a Soul Mate that is on the edge of securing their love with another. Essentially, her job is to insure that Romeo and the forces he works for don’t swoop in and destroy their love and life – like they did to Juliet.

Though she’s supposed to be doing all of this out of the goodness of her heart – Juliet struggles with her primary objective: make Romeo suffer. Her biggest motivation is beating Romeo, saving the couple at the center of the supernatural battle from his now very dark, cruel, bloodthirsty heart – a heart that she believed she once knew as well as her own.

But this time when she’s pulled from the mist, everything is a bit off. She can’t reach the Ambassadors, Romeo is talking even more nonsense than normal (when he’s not trying to kill her – again), and Juliet is somehow feeling a deep connection with the boy she is trying to save. Something suspiciously like love.

It’s absolutely forbidden – and Romeo most certainly won’t stand the thought of her being happy.

Among all the death, despair, and betrayal – can Juliet ever be free to love again?

Juliet Immortal is awesome!

Oh, did I already say that?

Here’s the thing – Stacey Jay has presented us with one of the most famous couples in literature and torn their story apart and remade it into a sprawling, romantic, epic-like battle full of duplicity, bitterness, and the hope of healing. It’s stunning to read.

Purely original, Juliet Immortal sweeps you away to a story where you don’t know who to trust, death lurks around every corner, and forbidden love sizzles with true emotion and chemistry. I don’t want to give too much away, because there are twists galore in this book – but I rooted for Juliet from start to finish, even when there seemed to be no way for her to win.

I became very invested in the story and it zipped along at a swift pace. Here we can find character development and a fantasy plot that weaves in a darker, grimmer tone that is very intriguing and involving.

All I can really say is: READ IT!!!

You don’t want to know anymore, honestly. It’s suspenseful, gritty, lovely, creepy, tender, and kinda poetic! And – thank goodness – there is a sequel coming out later this year! I don’t even want to give you the title because it might influence your opinion of what’s going on in Juliet Immortal, believe it or not. Look it up later.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, go feed your bibliophile appetite (which, let’s admit it, is insatiable) by reading Juliet Immortal!

*By the way, this week will be the last week in the foreseeable future that I will have five posts a week. Starting on Monday March 5th, I will be returning to three reviews a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m sure we’ll have another month or two in 2012 of five reviews a week, but let’s give our bibliophile selves a little time to breathe for a while, agreed? :)


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