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Flip is a YA psychological thriller by Martyn Bedford.

When fourteen-year-old Alex wakes up in the morning he doesn't recognize his bedroom. In fact, he can't remember getting home last night, he only remembers being on his way. His body feels weird, like he doesn't know how to move it, and a strange woman's voice is yelling for Philip to get up.

Alex doesn't know a Philip.

Disoriented and confused, Alex pulls himself out of the strange bed and tries to place the completely unfamiliar surroundings. He catches a glimpse of his forearm - hairy. Hairier than normal. And by the time he gets to a mirror, well, his head is spinning.

The body, the face, the person staring back at him looks to be a guy about his age - but one puberty has blessed a bit more. Fact is: it's not him. The family in the house, the sister bickering at him? Not his. The area of England he's apparently living in? Never been there before.

And when he looks at the newspaper the date tells him that six months have passed since his last memory of walking home after a night with his best friend. What is going on???

Alex is desperate to return to his old life - but for now he seems trapped in Philip's (nicknamed Flip) life. But he's determined not to be trapped forever...

Flip has an excellent start that instantly throws we the readers unto a mystery with Alex. We experience it all with him. It's very involving and fast-paced, presenting us with questions with no answers (for now) and keeping the intrigue notch up very high. Very, very high.

My interest is constantly piqued by the talented writing talents of Martyn Bedford, and I find myself caring for Alex as I'm pulled into this enormous puzzle, trying to piece it all together along with him. There is a heartbreaking, lonely tone to it at times, which makes Alex all the more sympathetic as a character. Having to deal with all of this, this insanity, on his own - as no one will believe him and he finally has to drop it before they send "Philip" to a mental institution, is difficult. His friends, his family, his school, his body, his face, his very personality - all seem so out of reach. It's haunting, and I was right there with him - hoping for answers that could help him!

I really had no idea where Flip was taking me. I had no guesses as to plot twists. It all felt very original as a completely different take on a body switch story. And as the book continued, it became increasingly urgent, desperate, and suspenseful. Flip is a mind-bender that follows through!

A great YA thriller!

***ALERT: Due to continued bibliophile reading overdosing, I am continuing the 5 reviews a week through August. After that, I am absolutely returning to only 3 reviews a week in September and on. So, we'll just think of this as a summer special! Thanks for reading!!!


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