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The Carrier of the Mark

The Carrier of the Mark is a YA paranormal novel by debut author Leigh Fallon. She first published this novel on, and after gaining one of the top-five spots was viewed by an editor of HarperCollins and offered a deal! It will come out on October 4th of this year - here's a little synopsis and what I thought when I got the opportunity to read it early...

Megan is used to starting each school year in a different place. Ever since her Mom's death in the car accident Megan was also in when she was very young, her Dad just doesn't seem able to stay in one place for too long. Megan doesn't mind so much - her Dad is kind and loving, just trying to do his best for the two of them.

Their latest move takes Megan to Ireland - a beautiful green landscape where Megan feels at ease quicker than any other previous residence. She finds herself making friends easier too - plus her Dad seems happy and might even be starting to date for the first time.

And then there is the extremely good-looking, dark, and brooding Adam DeRis that seems to always be staring at her. She doesn't mind, since she can hardly take her eyes off of him, either. But he won't talk to her or approach her - just stare. Her new friends tell her about all the weirdness that seems to follow the DeRis family and the legends of the land they live on - but Megan still can't help but be drawn to him.

But what if her attraction isn't just teen hormones and a pull towards an enigma? What if it has more to do with something... supernatural? What if acting on the passion that seems to be brimming beneath the surface between their sizzling looks could lead to... destruction?

The Carrier of the Mark has great Irish scenery and flavor, with just enough hints of mystery and secrets to keep the spark of fantasy alive and patient as we meet Meg and her awesome new Irish buds. Leigh Fallon lets us delve into some character development first, which I always think is a good idea. Especially when you have characters as vibrant and talented at witty banter as Meg and Caitlin (as well as her other friends).

Once The Carrier of the Mark started to turn toward Adam and Meg's pull towards him, the plot started to feel a little familiar to me. Maybe a little Twilight. But I was still enjoying it and loving Meg's humor and groundedness. After all, Adam is gorgeous and their attraction is intense - why wouldn't there be a little Twilight echo there? Yet The Carrier of the Mark quickly releases itself from that box, and lets it take a creepier route - more of a fable or legend come alive rather than anything even close to vampires. Such as an ominous, eerie crow that seems to be following Meg's every move and a burning desire to understand what all the rumors and suspicion concerning the DeRis family actually points to.

As some of these questions begin to get answered, the true uniqueness of its supernatural plot is highlighted - very different, very interesting. There were times I felt there was more exposition that necessary, but I was into it. And Adam and Meg's romance, early on, didn't feel as genuine as their attraction did - which was weird. But once it started heating up - mm-hmm! So both of these small criticisms seemed to fix themselves easily.

The Carrier of the Mark became increasingly suspenseful, making me wonder how on earth this story could end before the book was over. Especially as I turned the last page - I couldn't help but be curious if a sequel is possible. Because even though you get some resolution and all, I was still waiting for more!

Leigh Fallon's debut was very, very good and passionate! I can see why the editors at HarperCollins were intrigued! The Carrier of the Mark is an entrancing, sweeping, romantic, Irish supernatural tale!

I encourage you to check it out when October 4th comes!!!

***ALERT: Due to continued bibliophile reading overdosing, I am continuing the 5 reviews a week through August. After that, I am absolutely returning to only 3 reviews a week in September and on. So, we'll just think of this as a summer special! Thanks for reading!!!


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