Friday, May 8, 2015

The Color of Magic

The Color of Magic is the first book in the bestselling Discworld fantasy series by Terry Pratchett.

On the back of a giant turtle stands four enormous elephants and on the back of those elephants the Discworld is balanced.

As the giant turtle hurtles through space, the inhabitants of the Discworld live a life not grounded so much in logic as much as illogic.

One of those inhabitants is Rincewind – a wizard to the most minimal degree, having been thrown out of the Unseen University after absorbing one of the original spells of creation entirely by accident.

When his path crosses with Twoflower – a tourist with Luggage that walks by his side on multiple legs – he is pressed upon to act as a tour guide.

A tourist is something entirely new to Discworld – after all, why on earth would someone want to see the sights when the sights are as unwelcoming, violent and ridiculous as they are?

Two answers: adventure and lunacy.

I have long heard of Terry Pratchett – and being a lover of quirky, inventive novels I knew it was about time to check out The Color of Magic!

The Color of Magic is imaginative, ludicrously creative and impossible to follow sensibly – in the best way!

It was not until I was explaining the concept of a world atop of elephants atop a colossal turtle to my Mom, and she started laughing hysterically, that I realized just how ingenious that really is.

I mean, really. Who thinks of such a thing?!?

That’s why it is FUN – you must embrace it “as is” and allow yourself to be taken on a loopy ride from start to finish.

Due to the language being at times nearly incomprehensible and the storyline being eccentric to the extreme, if you rush or skim through The Color of Magic you will entirely miss its charm.

It’s a fantasy with trolls, elves, wizards, thieves, heroes, scientists, one tourist, gods and assassins. It’s crazy and silly and entertaining.

I admit the end left me wanting to know more – but though I know there are many, many books in the Discworld series, I do not know if Rincewind and Twoflower’s story will be continued.

Either way, The Color of Magic was a mindless jaunt and I look forward to exploring more of the Discworld in the future!

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