Wednesday, May 20, 2015

As Love Blooms

As Love Blooms is the third book in The Gregory Sisters Christian historical romance series by Lorna Seilstad.

Though each book focuses on a different sister, reading the books out of order potentially spoils you for the other sisters’ romances. I would recommend reading When Love Calls first and then While Love Stirs before As Love Blooms. Click on the titles to be swept away to my reviews of said novels!

In 1913 St. Paul, Minnesota, youngest Gregory sister Tessa is determined to put her horticulture education to good use by getting a position at prominent Como Park.

When she is rebuffed for being a woman best left to garden at home, Tessa’s persistent, audacious spirit is flamed all the more.

With a mixture of a little good hearted deception involving penetrating the affluent and powerful society to drum up financial support for a new conservatory for Como Park and working with a attractive male gardener at the Park to utilize her creative designs, Tessa is sure she can make her dreams come true.

But will the gardener be more distraction than help?

I can’t say that As Love Blooms is the most original novel out there, but was diverting enough and pleasant.

Tessa is a spirited character, ready to push the bounds of her restraints as a female in 1913. Oftentimes, though, this spiritedness can come across as a bit immature. She’s still likable, though.

I liked that Reese, our main male character, and she became friends before anything else – and it was rather refreshing to have their feelings for each other made known fairly quickly without too much melodrama.

However, overall I found As Love Blooms to be a harmless, nice read without much substance or depth. The romance didn’t have my heart pounding or yearning – and the plot wraps up in a manner that is pleasing but also predictable.

Yet, to be fair, these books are not necessarily meant to be more than that. They are supposed to be inspiring, enjoyable romances – but in the case of As Love Blooms, it was more lighthearted and didn’t strike me as anything particularly special.

Keep in mind that your opinion may be much stronger! I am in no way saying As Love Blooms is a poor book, it just didn’t blow me away. So – read it for yourself!!

*I received a copy of As Love Blooms from the Baker Publishing Group. Their generosity in no way influenced, nor sought to influence, my opinion of the novel.

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