Friday, May 15, 2015


Coraline is a middle grade contemporary fantasy by Neil Gaiman.

Perhaps you’ve already read Coraline.

Perhaps you are wondering, “How on earth could a self-proclaimed bibliophile have not yet read this modern classic?”

Perhaps I am wondering the same thing. Yet this is an issue that has been rectified!

In Coraline’s new flat there is a door that when opened reveals nothing but a wall of bricks.

Yet being the young adventurer she is, Coraline tries it again another day and instead finds it is an entrance to another house – a house just like hers but better.

Instead of always working and being very busy, these new versions of her parents want to spend time with her and want her to stay with them on this side of the door.

Coraline, though, wonders why.

There appears to be something sinister and secretive beneath the improved surface of this mirror house – and Coraline will have to use her wits and her nerve to save herself.

I can’t say my summary of the premise of Coraline really does it justice – but that’s what I’ve got for ya!

A long while back I saw the stop-action animated movie version of Coraline and found it very unique. So, I was happy to find that the book was – SHOCKER – even better!

Coraline is creepy, engaging fun!

This is like how when you watch some of the older kids movies you think, “Wow – that’s pretty scary for a little kid, they’ve really watered down the scare factor these days!” Of course, books have never been as regulated as movies – but still. This is some weird stuff.

An absorbing, quick fairy-tale for all ages, Coraline takes elements of excellent writing and classic themes and throws in a dose of original fantasy-horror that is just perfect, in my opinion, for any reader.

With superb, vivid imagery and a little girl character in Coraline that is clever, smart and full of scruples – I enjoyed Coraline even more than Stardust by Neil Gaiman! It has that lovely this-is-a-lesson-but-not-really vibe in the resolution, being more gracefully poignant that hit-over-the-head.

Coraline made me convinced I must read more by Gaiman – and I’m happy to know there is a lot out there!

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