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Shadow Scale

Shadow Scale is a YA fantasy novel, and the long awaited follow-up to Seraphina, by Rachel Hartman.

Though it is said you could read Shadow Scale without having read Seraphina, I strongly believe you will get far more impact from the sequel if you read the books in order. For my part, I actually re-read Seraphina before reading Shadow Scale – and I’m glad I did!

To read my review of Seraphina, click here. Consider avoiding the below review for inevitable spoilers of the first book.

Final warning!

Seraphina’s secret – that she is half-dragon, half-human – is now known to the kingdom of Goredd at large. It’s something she never expected – but has become an advantage now, as the potential victory in the brewing war may lie in her kind.

And she can find them.

Locating all of the grotesques from her mind garden appeals to Seraphina – she thinks of them as a family, wants to gather everyone together to be happy and free from the shame that has dogged them since birth.

Yet it is not a straightforward task – and her travels throughout the realms do not garner the reaction she expects. There are roadblocks, revelations and struggles that she had not foreseen.

And someone is working against her.

How can Seraphina broker peace if her own kind is not on her side?

I feel my re-read of Seraphina was necessary – as the wait for Shadow Scale was a long one, and I needed to get reacquainted with these characters. It was a wonderful re-read, reminding me of the superb writing!

Shadow Scale is an exquisite sequel – providing that same quiet intensity and nobility of characters that I love! We get intriguing depth in the dragon lore and the gripping psychological, character-driven fantasy that gets you invested.

With some truly chilling twists, I found Shadow Scale to be suspenseful and frightening on an intellectual level. Book Two really upped the scare factor and a character that I will not name – for fear of causing a spoiler – was honestly scary to me.

Spellbinding in an unusual manner, Shadow Scale is an epic fantasy with emotion, romance, strength and a unique, graceful voice.

Worth the wait!


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