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Seraphina is a divinely unique YA fantasy by debut author Rachel Hartman.

The kingdom of Goredd has experienced four decades of peace between humans and dragons due to a treaty that allows dragons to fold themselves into a human shape and use their lucid, unemotional, scientific minds as scholars, teachers, and ambassadors. It isn’t a peace that all are comfortable with, though.

In fact, the knowledge that their old enemy walks among them ranges from uneasiness in some to outright hostility and violence in others. And as the anniversary of the treaty nears, tensions are even higher than normal.

Seraphina Dombegh, a musical prodigy that has almost implausibly joined the royal court as an assistant the belligerent court composer, has reason to fear both sides. That’s why she works so hard to guard her secret and stay behind the scenes, as overlooked as possible.

But when a member of the royal family is abruptly murdered in a fashion that raises alarming questions of dragon involvement, Seraphina finds herself drawn into the investigation where she begins to uncover whispers of a plot to terminate Goredd’s peace. But there’s someone else involved in the enquiry, Prince Lucian Kiggs. And not only is he the captain of the Queen’s Guard but he is also far too discerning – putting Seraphina’s secret at risk.

It’s a secret that could mean her life…

I really cannot say more than this – thankfully the inside jacket cover of Seraphina doesn’t either. The revelations and plot advances are just too great to even hint at, really.

And why do you not want to know one more word?

Because Seraphina is a poetically written, magnetic, slowly unfolding story with a fascinating setting, character, and potential. The unexpected psychological suspense and stunning intricacy of this new locale caught my imagination and heart!

Here we have a dazzling scene of politics, conspiracy, fantasy, and hidden truths done in a singularly intelligent, clever, and addictive way in its originality and likability.

Seraphina is irrefutably beautifully done. It’s hypnotically puzzling, detailed, and spellbinding – held firmly in place by a resilient, authentic, distinctive heroine. Intense, heartrending, and genuine – outstanding for fans of Janet Lee Carey, in my opinion. Among others, of course.

I don’t know if I can fully express how touching, gripping, and searingly romantic this world of wide ranging beings, settings, and ideas Seraphina is. I am elated to know that there is a companion/sequel coming out – hopefully no later than 2013!

Now I see why I’ve been seeing nothing but praise about Seraphina. I can almost guarantee that you’ll be seeing Seraphina on my annual Stand-Out Books of 2012 list at the end of December!!!

THIS is what I yearn for every time I read a book – everything!


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