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Guest Post with YA Author Roselyn Jewell!

Hi everyone,

My name is Roselyn Jewell and I wanted to let you know about my newly released YA eBook! Its dystopian fiction, set in a world where a lot of the population was wiped out by a pandemic and of the people left, about 75% of them have what's called The Roving, which is similar to ADHD. People with The Roving have trouble focusing and short attention spans. The post pandemic society is completely government run; the government decides everything, from where you'll live once you turn 17 (the age they consider you an adult) to who you are paired with and expected to marry and produce children, and what career path you will be put on. You can request certain pairings or careers but ultimately you must take what you're given and once you have your assignments, you cannot even request a change for 5 years.

This book focuses on Hillary, the main character, who turns 17 and is not at all happy with any of her assignments. Not only that, she's seriously struggling with who she is as a person and with desires she has that are considered not normal by society. The book is basically the story of her trying to figure out who she is and along the way realizing that the so called "perfect" society is really far from it. There is friendship, romance, mystery, and lots more. I've included an excerpt below:


A blank screen on my tablet now glares back at me, my own face reflected on the black screen in the bright overhead light of my small, beige bedroom. I look into the scared blue eyes of a girl who’s been keeping a secret for several years now. A secret desire that—while it can’t exactly get me into trouble, per se — it can never, never, be fulfilled. But now the secret is wiped away. I have a clean, blank page to fill with new musings, new yearnings, and wishes—attainable ones—and I have a chance to start over, build a new me, sans secret desires. The Sorting is now less than two days away. I’m leaving all that kid stuff behind me.

Buy links:



Google Play:


If purchasing via Smashwords, code HR72V will get you a 50% discount ;)

I hope you all will enjoy it and if you'd like to contact me with any questions, feedback, or anything at all I can be reached at or on social media as jewellromance.



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