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The Believing Game

The Believing Game is a YA contemporary thriller by Eireann Corrigan.

Greer, after being caught stealing yet again, is sent to a rehab-type school called McCracken Hill. She’s a burden no one wants, really.

But McCracken Hill is not as bad as she was afraid of.

Plus, when Addison starts attending the school it’s a whole lot better.

Addison is one of those guys. Super good looking, well built, and charming. All the girls dream about him. Greer suspects that includes some of the female teachers.

But for some reason, he wants Greer. Their relationship begins to grow and Greer finds herself being absorbed into his group of friends and socializing more than she ever has.

Yet he is also insistent about her being compatible with his sponsor, the person that he relies on most… Joshua. The man talks like a New Age life coach, preaches positivity and being a better you – yet Greer senses something darker, something less truthful in him.

As Greer becomes more and more involved with these people, she fears that being sucked into Joshua’s circle could be dangerous…

Despite mixed reviews, I really liked Corrigan’s Accomplice. So, I was expecting a solid cultish type novel here in The Believing Game.

The Believing Game is compelling, disturbing and fast-paced. However, it never went quite as far as I expected it to. It never got quite as suspenseful as I expected, either.

It has a good, decent, creepy vibe with the very bizarre Joshua – but it never reached the peaks that it could. Manipulation lies, and messing with young adults that are already fragile is a big thing – I was surprised that it didn’t FULLY go there.

Though it was not as magnetic as Accomplice, The Believing Game had the potential. There was some character growth and an admirable plot. Yet, I would just rate it as “fair”.

What say YOU?


I never saw this one at all. It sounds really good. I haven't read anything about cults. I think it would be interesting.

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