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Eternally Yours

Eternally Yours is the conclusion to the YA paranormal Immortal Beloved trilogy by Cate Tiernan.

Yes, this is a book you do not want to read if you haven’t read Immortal Beloved and Darkness Falls first. Same goes for this review! Please don’t spoil your enjoyment – instead read my reviews of the previous two books by clicking on their titles.

However, if you HAVE read Immortal Beloved and Darkness Falls – and really you should have, they’re outstanding! – then go ahead and read my review below!

450-year-old Nastasya Crowe has returned to River’s Edge after slipping back into her self-destructive ways for a little while. That was quickly remedied when everything went so wrong – and she was reminded why she was searching for help in the first place.

So she’s spent her time re-orienting to the farm life, washing dishes, and healing her broken soul – all the more necessary now that she knows more about her epic magickal family history and the dangers attached to that. She’s come to, *gulp*, care about the people at River’s Edge – and have intense feelings for Reyn, which she still has difficulty coming to grips with emotionally.

After hundreds of years of seeing people and pets die around her, having her heart stomped on by the very fact that she keeps on living with the pain, it’s hard for Nastasya to let herself care again. But she’s learned that not caring is no longer a life for her.

But just as Nasty is starting to change, it’s discovered that someone is killing immortals around the world. And River’s Edge is having odd, unsettling occurrences that lead them to believe that someone may be a traitor at River’s Edge – and they are all in serious danger…

Again, as I’ve said before with this trilogy, I strongly urge you tell those who don’t normally read YA to jump into this story. With characters that are hundreds of years old, even if they look like teenagers – they have adult feelings, thoughts, and plots. There’s such a universal sense of desperate redemption portrayed in Eternally Yours and the first two books, which really any reader that appreciates character development tinged with a supernatural twist should be picking these books up!

Eternally Yours is a invigorating, absorbing, mix of paranormal suspense and psychological depth. Just as with the two earlier books in the trilogy, this novel is extremely well done, presenting stellar personal growth in the characters and beautiful intricacies in their revealed pasts, motives, and reactions. I was continually astounded by the mature tone, and continued magnetic pull of the story.

Reyn and Nastaysa’s relationship is hot and heavy, but also introspective and hesitant. There’s a push and pull that works so well here, it’s plausible. Darkness and hope clash, making a beautiful, lyrical study of human nature from the perspective of immortals! What a thought!

Nasty is like an awesome friend that has screwed up a LOT and is terribly damaged, but who you know wants to change. You have faith in her, and her humor, pathos, and strong voice makes for a fantastic narrator and heroine!

Eternally Yours was an EXCEPTIONAL conclusion to a gratifyingly unique trilogy!! It was tender, heart-stopping, stunning, startling, and bounded to a surprising, suspenseful climax. Strongly, strongly recommended! More people need to know about the Immortal Beloved trilogy! Spread the word, won’t ya?

*I received a copy of Eternally Yours from Hachette Book Group. Their generosity in no way influenced, nor sought to influence, my opinion of the novel.


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