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The Last Princess

The Last Princess is a YA futuristic dystopia by Galaxy Craze.

After the Seventeen Days, days that wreaked havoc on the earth – from earthquakes to floods to much more – nothing has been the same. England is cut off from the rest of the world. It’s not even clear if there is a “rest of the world” anymore.

Things have gotten bad. Sun barely shines, and chunks of it fall to the ground. Food is scarce and people are starving – groups of criminals now called Roamers hunt the woods for human prey… It’s a dark place.

Eliza has been sheltered from some of it, being that she is a princess with guards. But when a violent revolutionist, one that has already hurt their family by causing her mother’s death, sets his sights on becoming the new king – the royal family is attacked.

Sixteen-year-old Princess Eliza escapes the bloody massacre at Buckingham Palace – barely. She has nothing.

Nothing but a deep-set desire to kill the man who has destroyed her family. But the steps she has to take to get close enough to him to do so may end her life before she gets the chance…

Oh dear. I really hate writing negative reviews. Really. As I’ve said before, a lot of work and care goes into making every book – and I respect that. Also, every book will find an audience, small or big, that will love it. So, take this review with the realization that this is just ONE bibliophiles opinion, and that you shouldn’t assume you’d feel the same.

Okay, with that warning out of the way… I did not like The Last Princess at all.

It’s sad when a cool cover and an interesting premise don’t equal an awesome book – but that’s what happened here, in my opinion. The Last Princess certainly doesn’t take place in a pleasant world, especially with the cannibals (gag!), but the worst part for me was the forced, overly cliché riddled plot.

I was interested in what would happen as the book starts with a bit of a calm before the storm feel, but some comments I had seen on Goodreads did have me concerned about what might happen to animals in the book… and let me go ahead and warn you – if you’re an animal lover like me, I’d be really surprised if you like The Last Princess. At all.

When sudden terror reaches this futuristic Windsor family, there is a fast-paced air about it, but the graphic nature of its violence towards people, pets, and wild animals was not done in a way that felt at all tasteful. In fact, the entire novel felt melodramatic and illogical – like every bad thing that could happen in a revolution was being shoved in a short period of time. Dismembering, attempted rape, Gladiator-like fights to the death, insta-love, etc. It was as though the author was to trying to shock the readers, but in all the wrong ways.

Instead of being meaningful and heartbreaking, the killing, gore, and carnage was gratuitous and disrespectful in the way it seemed to be setting up the reader. Again, this is all my opinion only.

I had a hard time finishing The Last Princess, to be honest. I couldn’t find one redeeming quality. Yet, I know that out there somewhere are a bunch of readers who will love it – and I don’t fault them for that. We’re all different. In fact, I encourage you to read The Last Princess for yourself – with the readiness of the slaughter – to see what you think. Maybe you will be one that likes it!

I am just really, really not one of them…


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