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Dark Life

Dark Life is a YA sci-fi adventure by Kat Falls.

Ty was the first baby born deep undersea. His parents were two of the first settlers to start farming the ocean floor, after large portions of the land had begun sinking into the water. He loves his homestead, and at fifteen is already thinking of the land he will inherit and work once he reaches eighteen. The farmers below the surface provide most of the food to the "Topsiders", those who still live in the cramped spaces of land, and the commonwealth government, that took power in the days of panic, subsidize their needs.

However, when outlaws begin attacking the settlers' homes, crops and livestock and become more and more dangerous, the commonwealth hold back their subsidies until the settlers catch the outlaws. This is an outrage to Ty, as they are threatening their way of life and refusing to do their job to help. But he can't stand the thought of living Topside and begins fighting for his home.

He is joined by Gemma, a Topsider that came subsea to look for her brother. Together they will uncover secrets and face true danger that will potentially destroy everything...

I was instantly compelled by the presentation of this watery, dark world and the believable, inevitable separation of cultures that would result. And the beginning? Whoo-boy! Stellar - a creepy, bloody ship, a clearly unstable situation, and the introduction of Gemma and Ty. I immediately wanted answers and was thoroughly intrigued.

Kat Falls has created a truly well-written, vividly detailed and realistically described world of under-the-sea living, with both its threats and beauties. All of this is mixed superbly with a controlling government that continues to take advantage of a crisis and the fight for the right to live freely.

Its scary and page-turning, taking these great, likable characters and putting them in smart, suspenseful situations. Dark Life is completely without patronization or preaching, and instead presents mature, capable, intelligent fifteen-year-olds.

In my book loving, bibliophile opinion, Dark Life is a theatric, thrilling adventure - with enough lies, deceptions, secrets, and mysteries to make every page count. It's a unique and fulfilling tale with shocks and surprises - truly awesome!

I think Dark Life is a great book for any sci-fi/adventure fan of any age - as it is an excellently executed one!

And I am very happy there is a sequel, Rip Tide, coming out soon!!! :)


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