Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Witch & Wizard: The Gift

Witch & Wizard: The Gift is the second book in James Patterson's YA series, cowritten with Ned Rust.

If you haven't read Witch & Wizard, I encourage you to avoid this review because of the inevitable spoilers, and instead read my review of the aforementioned book on Monday's post.

To all of you who have read Witch & Wizard: well, you know what's going on, right? Wisty and Whit have just gone through a rollercoaster ride of imprisonment's, execution orders, finding out they have uncontrollable magical powers, passing through different dimensions they never knew existed, and a desperate and fruitless attempt to find their parents.

Now they find themselves as unappointed, unofficial leaders of the resistance to the New Order. Unfortunately, the resistence is a group of under-18 individuals. But they're doing their best - rescuing as many as possible. Trying to lose as few as possible...

But the New Order is persistent and powerful. And it seems that The One Who is The One is after Wisty specifically... or her Gift, that is...

So I obviously didn't give you much of a premise, but I'm thinking that if you read Witch & Wizard, you don't want many details before jumping in on your own. In order to review the title, I am going to leave out any real specifics for your protection, alrighty?

The opening pages of The Gift are electrifying, promising, and startling - giving me hope that the series won't fall into the cornball trap that will induce endless eye-rolling. Happily, I think there was less of this unfortunate feature of some James Patterson books than in the first novel!

The Gift strengthened my belief that the Witch & Wizard series is more paranormal and cool than I'd initially expected it to be. It's creepy, original, and a ton of fun to read. This is one of those books where you're flying through pages super fast, and next thing you know - you're done!

It's kinda awesome in a just-go-along-for-the-ride way. This is made especially true with the nonstop action, twists, and turns - enough to make you dizzy! Add to that some excellent humor and beginnings of some romantic entanglements, and I can't help but find The Gift to be a must-read for any sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia, adventure/thriller fan!

I'm crossing my fingers that the next book (yes - To Be Continued!) will be as great or better and that the Witch & Wizard series will continue to impress, and refrain from, well, depressing me. ;)

*I received a review copy of Witch & Wizard: The Gift from Hatchette Book Group. Their generosity in no way influenced, nor sought to influence, my opinion of the novel.

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