Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi there my beloved Bibliophiles!

So, this is a special Tuesday post about a special topic - writing.

Most of us crazy, absent-minded, cross-eyed with book-love bibliophiles also have some aspirations to be writers ourselves, right? And quite often the genre we're interested in writing is YA - am I still on the right track? I'm thinking I am - great minds think alike! ;)

Here's the deal: HarperCollins has a writing website called inkpop.com, where all of you amateur authors can participate in writing challenges that go hand in hand with books they are currently publishing. The focus is YA, and the Editors at HarperCollins actively look to publish books found on the site! In fact, they just acquired The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon, which started off being just a writing exercise by a gal just like you on inkpop.com, and will now be PUBLISHED in the fall of 2011.

Excited yet?

The current Weekly Writing Challenge is running in accorance with the soon-to-be-released A Touch of Mortal by Leah Clifford - and all the entrants have a chance to win books! Enter here, or if the hyperlink isn't working for you for whatever reason (you're not the only one with an ancient PC, believe me) the link you can copy and paste is: http://www.inkpop.com/forums/threads/51888/earth-angel-the-touch-mortal-writing-challenge/

I'm going to keep this info updated as much as I can on the sidebar of the Bibliophile Support Group, where the big Inkpop logo is - and in the meantime, between writing challenges check out the Inkpop blog here, or: http://inkpop.wordpress.com/

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Elanor Lawrence said...

I'd certainly recommend inkpop to anyone who likes writing. I'm a member and have made top five with a short story and I'm currently promoting a novel. Even though most top fivers aren't chosen to be published, the critiques you gain along the way, both from Harper Collins and other users, are invaluable.