Monday, February 21, 2011

And Then Everything Unraveled

And Then Everything Unraveled is a YA mystery dramedy by author Jennifer Sturman.

Delia Truesdale is used to her Internet tycoon mother, T. K., being anything but ordinary. So, when said mother leaves the country for an exploration of environmental concerns in Antarctica, Delia hardly bats an eye. She takes advantage of the time to surf the California waves and avoid studying math, as the brilliant gene seems to have skipped her generation.

But then, all of a sudden, everything unravels.

T. K.'s ship has gone missing - has literally disappeared. And everyone believes she is dead - leaving Delia an orphan. But Delia is convinced that they're all wrong - that her mother is still alive out there, that she would know if her Mom was indeed dead. However, the protestations of a sixteen-year-old girl don't hold up against the evidence of adults, and Delia has to have a guardian, so T. K.'s will is read. Delia gets another shock when she finds out she's going to be sent to New York to live with her aunt, whom she's never met, since a family division took place before her birth.

Before she knows it she's attending a Gossip Girl-esque private school and getting to know her admittedly awesome aunt - oh, and falling absolutely brain-dead and temporaily mute around a particularly good-looking popular guy.

Yet none of this can take Delia's mind off her mother. She's convinced she's out there somewhere in need of rescue. So, she decides to take the investigation into her own hands - but what she's begins to uncover may be something that no one was ever meant to unravel...

First off, I have to say - I absolutely adore this cover! Okay, now that that has been established we can start talking about what is actually inside the cover -

Which is awesome!!!

And Then Everything Unraveled is near to bursting with colorful, hilarious, grin-worthy, vibrant, vivid characters that bring a whimsical flare to a wholly fun, clue-finding sort of novel. There's an honest-to-goodness joyous quality about the book that just made me happy the entire time I was reading it (which wasn't long, as it flew by very fast). And the cast, including the crazy, exploding-with-personality aunts, added immensely to that!

I really did love And Then Everything Unraveled - I was intrigued with the mystery and enjoyed the unexpected, original secondary characters that demand their own spotlight (rightfully), such as a heavily accented, laugh-out-loud funny, mini-skirt-wearin' psychic that shows up later on.

Jennifer Sturman presents pop culture and Nancy Drew mystery solving up the whazoo - creating a delightful, romantic, breezily fun, fantastic treat of a novel that is perfect for fans of Michele Jaffe, Maureen Johnson, and Meg Cabot!

And the "To Be Continued..." at the end brings only happiness to crazy, ol' bibliophile me! ;)

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