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Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past is Meg Cabot's sixth Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls book, her middlegrade series.

Every time there is a school field trip, something happens so that Allie can't go. So when she finds out her fourth grade class will be having one, she's determined to be there! Sure, the destination isn't as exciting as the truly incomparable Children's Museum she missed in the past - but Honeypot Prairie and their historic one room school house is better than no field trip at all! But Allie's eagerness quickly disintegrates when she finds out that her class won't be going alone, but will be sharing the trip with Allie's old Walnut Knolls fourth grade class - which includes her ex-best friend Mary Kay.

I know that a lot of teens and older readers don't usually have a strong desire to read middlegrade books - especially when the main character is only in fourth grade - but I have to urge any fan of comedic books, or Meg Cabot in general, to rethink that decision. Because Allie Finkle is one awesome, charming, clever, and hilarious character to read about. And I'm going to be 23 years old in October.

Blast from the Past, along with all the Allie Finkle novels (all of which I've read but Best Friends and Drama Queens, but I can assume that I'd enjoy that one too) is clearly and obviously great for little girls - but, as I said, it's totally readable for us older set too. It's thoroughly entertaining and funny - and almost spookily reminiscent of my own memories of fourth grade. Except for the cell phones, that is.

While being unflinchingly lighthearted, Blast from the Past portrays a spot-on accuracy of the age and voice of Allie's character - and epitomizes the thrill of a field trip.

It's a truly delightful, amusing, diverting, fast-paced, quick read - and includes some excellent lessons that don't come across as preachy or condescending.

And as someone who loves to imagine the older, teenage Allie - it's fun to pick up on clues about a potential future, and I mean future, romantic interest for this one-of-a-kind girl.

So, if you want a positive, humorous read - buy a copy of Blast from the Past for your little sister and borrow it. Or, you know what? Buy or borrow a copy for yourself, regardless.

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Jen said…
What an awesome review! Meg Cabot rocks and this book sounds fantastic!!!
Cynthia Watson said…
Meg Cabot is an excellent writer, and this review is right on!

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