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So, when graciously offered me a chance to do a contest on the Bibliophile Support Group I could not help but accept... because one of you will win a $50 promotional code for ANY product on ANY of their numerous sites, including but not limited to:,,,,, and You could use it toward a le creuset cookware item, Christmas gifts for family and friends, or the ever so necessary bibliophile need: a bookcase!!!!!

In order to be in the running for this awesome giveaway, just comment below from today, August 6th, until two weeks from now, August 20th 11:59PM PST, with your email AND browse one or more of the aforementioned websites and answer this question in your entry comment: What do you think you'd use the $50 towards?

You don't have to buy whatever you say in your comment if you're the winner, of course. I'm just curious! :)

And if you don't win, I'll be having another contest starting August 20th, so no worries!!!

Again - entry period is from today, August 6th to August 20th, 11:59PM PST.

May the best bibliophile win!


nhertel85 said…
I'd use the $50 towards a Buzz Lightyear Standup from It would be perfect for my sons bday party.
Lakisha said…
I have two kids so the toystore is my goal. They both like puzzles so I'd get them both some age appropriate.
Kristen said…
I'd love to get the red Viking stand mixer.

couponboss at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
睇完之後覺得有d頓悟..感謝大大分享..˙ 3˙............................................................
lmurley2000 said…
i would love to have the hamilton beach mixer
Amanda said…
I would definitely use the $50 towards a Planet Earth Monopoly Game. It would be great to bring with me to college and would be really fun to play with my roommate!
librarymom said…
There is certainly alot to choose from but right now at the top of my list is storage containers, so I would probably use the $50 towards a variety of storage containers, especially kitchen storage.
The Fam said…
I'd love to get a timbuk2 bag!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com
Carol W. said…
I'd use the gift code toward a Bosu Balance Trainer.
Jo Ann said…
I'd use it to buy some Christmas gifts for my grandson! Thanks!
nmjaw at yahoo dot com
Diane Pollock said…
I would get a Crabbie Sandbox!
kp said…
I'd use it at the shop to buy an new rolling pin and baking sheets.
Marianna said…
Bookcase, no doubt. But I have been wanting a nice chair, cozy of course, to read some books in. Yeah.

patronus89013 at yahoo dot com
debbi said…
some new summer reads like kids stuff 2
Henria O. said…
I'd put it towards a new bookcase for my daughters! The Guidecraft Classic White Bookcasa looks preety good!
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com
Pixie said…
Thanks for hosting the giveaway! If I won I'd put it towards a new bedspread!

I would buy some drawer pulls from

stacey said…
I would use it for a 4D concept 3tier Bookcase in Wicker and Metal

Carol said…
If I were to win, I would donate the award to my local library book club, to which I am a member , and discuss together how to use it.

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