Friday, January 23, 2015

The Page Turners

The Page Turners is a YA contemporary horror novel, and the first in a trilogy, by Kevin T. Johns.

Nate, Danny and Spenser are outcasts – and they’ve found that this is far more apparent and dangerous now that they are freshmen in high school.

Daily they are victims of ridicule and, at least in Nate’s case, violence. For Nate, his home life is not much better.

One of the only bright moments the friends look forward to is their self-made club – The Page Turners.

Essentially they meet in the library to discuss their mutual passion for fiction – whether literature, movies or television – and present their opinions and thoughts in an organized, official manner.

It’s during one of these meetings that Nate happens upon a strange book in the library – something old, handwritten and brimming with mystery. He’s sure that it is real magic – but when they speak the incantation they find in English – nothing happens.

…or does it?

The Page Turners is a quickly paced book that is easy and fast to read – as well as surprisingly intriguing!

I felt that the rather creative plot – which I’m not giving away much of in the synopsis I wrote – was relatively well done, too. At times, the writing came across perhaps a little more self-important than needed – maybe a tad more serious than necessary…

Yet the characters were presented with having some rather dark family and personal issues, which gave the fantastical plotline a huge dose of realism as it was grounded in that edginess.

Sometimes I felt that the boys argued too much and I would’ve liked to perhaps see more bonds of friendship – but overall I felt The Page Turners was a very good contemporary horror book that didn’t skimp on character development!

I will be interested in what happens next, for sure.

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Thank you so much for the lovely review of my book. It is much appreciated!

-- Kevin Johns