Friday, January 2, 2015


Deviation is the first book in the futuristic sci-fi YA series The Sophisticates by Christine Manzari.

Cleo is a Sophisticate – one of the children genetically engineered in the Program to combat terrorism since the both economically and murderously destructive Wormwood hit America 30 years ago, changing everything.

She’s a Vanguard – focused more on advanced academics to create a brighter economic future for the country one day. Sophisticates do not have family – they do not have control over their own lives – they are owned by the Program and are reminded of it constantly.

Yet Cleo is not content with this – and when she’s caught hacking into a Program computer system to try and learn more about her donors she gets very upset.

And when she gets upset… something bad happens. A dangerous, unexpected anomaly.

As much as Cleo tries to hide what happened, she’s sent to the Academy to switch from a Vanguard to a Mandate – the military branch of the Program, where Sophisticates are trained to track and kill the nation’s enemies.

She’s not the only Sophisticate that looks like a Vanguard amidst the bulky, muscular Mandates…

Cleo’s determined to find out why.

Deviation was a fine book.

Not the strongest praise, I know.

As always, I strongly recommend people read books for themselves to form their own opinions as we are all so different – and Deviation has a LOT of fans out there!

For me, I found the plot of Deviation to be rather unoriginal and there seemed to be a lot of repetition in the narration.

I felt like we never learned enough about Wormwood. Even though we’re given the impression that the whole story isn’t being revealed – shouldn’t we be told everything that is common knowledge, at the very least? Seemed rather sparse.

Then there’s the aspect of romance in the book – which, though probably one of the strongest plots in Deviation, felt cliché and not genuine enough for me to truly care.

Deviation has some humor and has a vibe of being a mash-up of a high school teen movie and X-Men – but more teen movie, in my opinion.

Sadly, the novel never pulled me in enough to make me feel really connected or invested in anything or anyone. Due to this, after dutifully reading the first half of the book I began to skim the remainder.

I feel bad – but sometimes a book doesn’t harmonize with the reader and there are so many books to read, we sometimes have to make that decision.


This could be your next favorite book!

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