Friday, October 18, 2013


Vote is a middle grade humorous novel by Gary Paulsen.

It’s also the fourth book featuring main characters Kevin Spencer. Personally, I recommend you read them in order – Liar, Liar; Flat Broke; and then Crush. You can click on each title to find my reviews.

Now that fourteen-year-old Kevin has become the boyfriend of Tina, the World’s Most Beautiful, Most Perfect, and Best-Smelling Girl – he needs to figure out how he can stay that way.

How will he hold her interest?

When Kevin’s nemesis, irritably good-looking new guy Cash Devine, announces his campaign for class president – Kevin gets a flash of genius.

He should run, too!

Recognizing his strength of always being a great leader, he knows this was inevitable. The first step in a long, rewarding political career.

And a way to impress Tina.

In order to do that, though… well, he’s going to have to win.

Therein lays the problem.

Since I read Liar, Liar I have always been eager to read another Kevin Spencer book. He’s clueless, a little bit crazy, but is always hilarious and good-hearted.

Vote, for me, wasn’t AS entertaining as the other three novels. I didn’t laugh out loud as much; I wasn’t delighted by as much quirkiness. In some ways, it was almost a shade more solemn.

However, it was still a fast read and enjoyable. The characters alone make reading it worth the time – which isn’t even much time since these books are SO short.

I kind of wanted more, though.

Kevin shows some great growth in Vote – but where was his sparkling charm, awesome personality, and out-there ideas? Not as present here, unfortunately.

I do have to say, though that Markie (the little boy neighbor that Kevin babysits) has to be probably the best toddler in literature. Honest.

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