Friday, October 25, 2013

Since You Asked...

Since You Asked… is a YA contemporary humor novel by Maureen Goo.

It all started when happily-under-the-radar fifteen-year-old Holly Kim was bored to tears while performing her duties as copyeditor for her high school newspaper.

Reading about some senior’s love of “the best years of their lives” was enough to make her gag and fall asleep.

So, once she was done copyediting it to perfection – as her education-minded Korean family would expect – she decided to have a little fun by doing another copyedit – and changing the SATs-are-fun! vibe to her much more sardonic humor.

Guess which version accidentally makes it into the newspaper?

Suddenly Holly is not so under-the-radar anymore. In fact, she is actively hated by a substantial group of students – but abruptly offered her own column in the paper.

This’ll be an interesting year…

I really, really, REALLY liked Since You Asked…

Holly is a funny, cheerful, invisible good girl with just enough snark to be entertaining without being flat-out mean. Her hilarious accidental fame spurs a delightful plot arc that spans a year of learning how to balance her family’s suffocating traditional Korean values with her bountiful personality.

Her narration voice is delightful and caused me to laugh out loud multiple times. There are even some (very) occasional drawings and photos to keep the feel of Since You Asked… modern and real-feeling.

I really liked Holly and her awesome, if sometimes ungrateful, personality. And I hate to say, her attitude was truly enjoyable, except for maybe her harshness with her Mom – which still felt believable and gave the novel that added genuineness.

Plus, the secondary characters – such as Holly’s awesome friends – were also very well-written.

Since You Asked… was extremely amusing and very entertaining – made me a happy bookworm!!!

My only problem? I really, really, REALLY want a sequel.


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