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The Princess Trap

The Princess Trap is a YA contemporary royal intrigue novel by Kirsten Boie.

It’s also the sequel to Boie’s The Princess Plot (my review here), so if you want to read the story in the correct order you’ll want to start with the previous book and avoid this review for possible spoilers.

Final warning of potential spoilers!!

I actually wasn’t a fan of The Princess Plot, sadly. I could see the appeal for younger girls, perhaps. Especially readers that like more of an intrigue/complicated plot in their princess fluff. Since The Princess Trap was mailed out before I realized I was less than enchanted with the first, I decided to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, my opinion wasn’t much altered. Let’s first get a brief synopsis:

Now that Jenna knows she’s a princess in the country of Scandia life should be awesome, right?

Well, no. Instead, she’s having a hard time following all the new palace rules and etiquette that are new to her – plus, the ritzy boarding school she’s attending is populated with Mean Girls.

And the paparazzi seem to always be there to capture her most humiliating moments.

Not awesome.

So, once Jenna’s unrequited crush on Jonas pushes her to the edge, Jenna decides to hightail it outta there.

Her life is not meant to be uninteresting, however.

No surprise, then, that she’s trapped in a scheme to overthrow her uncle, the King.

Oh, the joys of being a newly revealed princess in a nation on the brink of civil war!

The Princess Trap sound jovial and fun – which I believe it will be to some readers. For me, however, it lacked any actual humor or frothy entertainment. A big part of that is that I always felt disconnected to the characters and plots.

I will say, though, that the peer bullying and harshness of her mother that Jenna endures caused my sympathy. I felt really bad about how terribly she was being treated. It also felt a bit unrealistic, though.

The Princess Trap seems overly long, stuffed with political storylines. I believe this would be an excellent book for someone who wants that kind of twist to their modern-day royalty story. Because The Princess Trap is in no way bad, I’d say… Just didn’t gel with my tastes.

In the end, I actually did have to do some skimming of The Princess Trap. I sincerely hope that YOU won’t have to because of your immense interest and enjoyment!!!


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