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The Assassin's Curse

The Assassin’s Curse is a YA fantasy adventure novel by Cassandra Rose Clarke.

Ananna of the Tanarau is a pirate’s daughter. A captain’s daughter. And she has always wanted to one day sail her own colors through the vast, gorgeous sea – but instead of fulfilling that dream, her parents want to marry her off to another pirate clan.

Well, that just doesn’t work for this seventeen-year-old buccaneer. Instead, Ananna takes off – but escaping her betrothal isn’t simple in this world. Soon the pirate clan she’s rebuffed has sent assassins after her – the kind that never lose, the kind that use the abhorred blood magic.

Wouldn’t you know, though, that Ananna would screw up their record? When she stands off against one, she accidentally causes a curse to be activated that binds her to her would-be assassin.

Now, not only is she escaping her past but she’s on a quest to break the curse by venturing into an area of magic, beings, and lands fraught with danger she never looked to seek, with the assassin ever by her side… and more worrisome, she’s starting to mind his company less and less.

I gave a more sparse description of The Assassin’s Curse than the back cover does – and to be honest, I’d suggest you don’t read it if you haven’t already. It gives a bit more away of the plot than I think is needed – it’s always better to be surprised, right?!

I have to say, The Assassin’s Curse was a lot of fun!

At first, the main character Ananna came across as vulgar and uneducated – but her colorful narration is instantly drawing. She’s clever, brave, and fiercely independent – an excellently capable female protagonist. It’s about time we get to follow a pirate lass through YA fantasy, hmm?

Our self-preserving gal is determined to not be married off even as it puts her in far more danger than she’s ever been. Without going into too much detail, I’ll say that Naji, the assassin that ends up being bound to her, is a fascinating character himself and together they make an interesting duo both on the surface and below – Cassandra Rose Clarke brings about enough questions, conversations, and scenes to grow their development as characters and spark curiosity.

The Assassin’s Curse
has the true makings of a classic swashbuckling fantasy adventure – entertaining and involving, with small touches of romance. This is a unique story that occasionally had its lulls but never lost its hold.

And the end?! Oh my goodness – there is a second book to come, thankfully! Because The Assassin’s Curse left off at such a point that I knew that just could NOT be the end. I require the next book to keep my sanity!


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