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The Mastermind Plot

The Mastermind Plot is a middlegrade mystery by Angie Frazier, and the sequel to The Midnight Tunnel.

Being that The Mastermind Plot is a sequel, it does unavoidably have some spoilers of the first book in its description. I recommend avoiding my review and reading the first book instead. You’ve been warned! :)

Eleven-year-old Suzanna “Zanna” Snow is finally where she’s wanted to be for a long time: Boston!

Her grandmother, whom she can barely remember, has invited her to stay for TWO months – and Zanna is head over heels! 1904 Boston is sure to be a far livelier, exhilarating place than her usual home of Loch Harbor, New Brunswick – plus, it’s where her Uncle Bruce Snow (admittedly not the hero she once thought he was, but still) works as a detective.

And what do you know? Not long after her arrival, Zanna finds herself in the heart of another mystery.

There have been fires plaguing a local resident’s warehouses. So when Zanna is enrolled in the cringe-worthy Lady Doucette’s Academy for Young Ladies she quickly begins to use the opportunity to question the ornery daughter of the owner of the warehouses, Adele, who also attends the school.

But Adele has more information for Zanna than she expects. She believes the fires are being set on purpose and are actually a cover for the theft of valuable pieces of art. The authorities believe the art has been destroyed by the fires, but Adele believes differently…

With that, and the fact that a cagey, familiar-looking man keeps shadowing Zanna around Boston, Zanna knows she needs to solve this case before it’s too late.

I really liked The Midnight Tunnel, but I must say that in The Mastermind Plot Zanna grew on me more than ever! Her spirited, independent, determined attitude is infectious – and seeing her try to fit in at a lady’s school and mix with society is hilarious. There are many laugh-out-loud moments in this book, I’ll tell you.

A new mystery presents itself, of course. This is a far more comfortable pursuit for out pint-sized heroine. We also get the welcome return of Will and a host of new, jump-off-the-pages characters.

The Mastermind Plot was good, entertaining fun with great surprises and twists – even if I did end up correctly guessing the big whodunit. To be honest, my guess wasn’t firmly established until rather soon before the reveal – so that’s not a huge thing.

For whatever reason, I found this second Suzanna Snow Mystery to be much more addictive for me. I’m hoping for more adventures featuring this charmingly clumsy lead!


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