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Abandon is the first book in a new YA contemporary fantasy trilogy by the best-selling, beloved author Meg Cabot!

Ever since Pierce died almost two years ago, she has felt different. According to studies, this is normal. After all, she was dead - then brought back to life. Who wouldn't be different after experiencing that?

Thing is, Pierce has good reason to feel not as attached to the world of the living - she was, for a short time, attached to the world of the dead. And in that world she met someone.

And he wants her back.

Her Mom decides to move the two of them to a small Florida island community where she grew up, to see if that might brighten up Pierce. Pierce has been running into more trouble than she ever used to. Ever since she died.

Ever since she met him.

But Pierce knows that moving isn't going to stop him from following. He's always gonna be there when she needs help.

Whether she likes it or not...

OMG - I loved it!!!!!!!!!

I was excited for Abandon, as I am always excited for a new Meg Cabot book - but wow!!! Abandon is more reminiscent of the Mediator series that first introduced me to Meg Cabot, but with a unique, phenomenal fantasy plot - a retelling of the Persephone myth! She presents us with a heroine I've never met before - inattentive, both sweet and direct, plotting and naive, and amazingly amazing!

Trust me: Pierce is awesome, the plot is perfect, and Abandon is FANTASTIC!!! It's dark, mysterious, and layered in sizzling mythology updated by a brilliant, creative mind (a.k.a. Meg Cabot). John (the "him" stalking Pierce from the Underworld) is extremely hot - he's dangerous, forbidden, enigmatic, terribly masculine, complicated, tortured, and hard not to be enamored with!

I was glued to, obsessed with, and adoring of this book! Abandon awakened my pure book-loving passion! It is one of those stories that sweeps you up into it, an escape that is all-encompassing and cinematic in scale. I wanted to devour it, yet savor it. It crackles with paranormal romance and suspense, intense and electric.

We have an insanely attractive lead in John and chemistry between him and Pierce that is incredibly steamy, yet chaste. I loved the past-tense storytelling method and the slowly revealed moments from Pierce's sad, shocking life since her near-death experience. Everything is very ominous and tense - awesome!

As you can tell, I am more than ready for the next installment in this trilogy!!! Meg Cabot has done it again, folks! Thank goodness we have the sequel to Insatiable (Meg's witty adult-novel response to the vampire craze) coming out in July - Overbite. But I am dying (pun intended) for the next book in this trilogy!!! I must have more John and Pierce!!! :)

Thank you, Meg!!!

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